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A large plateau that rises out of the black northern ocean, the island of Beacon was once a scientific observation post that housed a large Bechtlarite University station focused on the studies of science and metaphysics. When the Blight fell, it was assumed to have been lost, the entirety of the location one of the places that had been fully engulfed by the initial impact. Aerial surveys have recently reported lights on the island, and that the lighthouse for which it was named has taken on an eerie green illumination. The obscuring mists and fog have made it impossible to see from the safety of the upper altitudes, and the locations remains immersed too far into the Void to be reached by humanoids, but all signs point to some kind of sentient activity on the site that is unique within all the previously studied forms of "life" that have spawned from the Void.


The large tabletop plateau once made the location ideal for all manner of scientific study. An elevated, flat surface in the unpopulated northern ocean region with easy access to the Seanachaisian mainland and the Bechtlarite coast gave way to many great discoveries and innovations under the directorship of the headmaster, Erebus Kane. The remains of that place seem to be largely intact, and while the island is now inundated with ambient Void energy and surrounded by lethally toxic waters. Beyond that the barren stone surface of the island leads to a steep cliff that falls vertically into the ocean below.


Aerial researches have reported that, what appear to be a large congress of ravens seem to dominate the skies just above the site, just below the toxic layers of Void energy that blanket it. No specimens have been captured for study and they seem to avoid contact with the airships that have been sent to survey the area. There has been a good amount of movement spotted on the surface of the island as well, though there remains too little visibility at teh height needed to observe safely to determine what it is attributed to.

Ecosystem Cycles

Like all locations that exist within the Void's perimeter, the location is locked in a chilling state of eternal night. No light penetrates the Void and the seasons never shift or change.

Localized Phenomena

The sicking, green glow that emanates from the central lighthouse on the island remains a mystery to researchers, though it is suspected that there is a sentient mind behind its manifestation, purpose, and maintenance.


Before the Blight, this location was home to the University research station called Beacon. It was headed by then headmaster, Erebus Kane who oversaw all academic studies, and his assistant, Phaedra Cadence who was charged with the safety and security of the location, staff, and students, as well as any martial training the students required. For many years the isolated location was seen as a pinnacle of learning, even among the well educated Becht population, and only the greatest minds were admitted into its hallowed halls. Inventors, artists, scientists, and students of the arcane alike filled the island with a sense of wonder and potential, and for many years the contributions that sprung from the minds that worked there were the cutting edge of the fields that produced them. While Erebus was known to be slightly eccentric, and even more secretive, there were never any reported incidents at his school under the watchful eye of Phaedra Cadence and her troop of guards.    When the Blight fell it was assumed that all who remained there were lost in the ensuing cataclysm, and no signs to suggest otherwise have ever been found, but the recent activity suggests that a new power has claimed the location, and the University is once again active.
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