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Sovereign of Ravens

The self proclaimed title of Erebus Kane , the secret power that holds sway over the Pact of the Deathless. Through a swarming murder of undead ravens, Erebus watches the goings on in the world unseen from the safety of his island lair, tucked well within the borders of the Void.


Early on in his reign at Beacon, Erebus decided he needed more current data in order to plan his movements within the world more effectively. Utilizing his knowledge of old world arcane practice and his own inherent power, he sacrificed an eye and in doing so, gained the ability to harness the senses of a large murder of ravens. While the ravens themselves are undead, they retain their acute senses, making them perfect spies and even messengers.
Magical, Honorific
Currently in power at Beacon
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Vast amounts of arcane power and a ever growing horde of Deathless followers.
First Holder
Current Holders
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