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Pact of the Deathless

The Order of the Black Flame has existed since before the Blight, the visionary result of an extremely powerful Lich and his entourage's attempts to create a deathless world and, in their own minds, save the mortal realm from itself. The University does not easily give power, and for one to be found worthy, they must embrace the vision of the denizens there entirely, offering up their lives as an agent of that cause with the promise of joining the deathless legion at the end of their service. This pact is an oddly benevolent one, all things considered, at least from the point of view that the patron of it genuinely believes in the salvation of the living by preserving potential without the constraints of death, and by removing all aspects of sickness and suffering though this path.   The pact itself grants the artist the ability to mold and shape flesh and bone, including their own temporarily to great effect. While the results are often macabre or disturbing, they are meant to be utilized with purpose and dignity, as the powers of the University will not suffer the living to abuse the gifts they offer. The more powerful renderings used by the recipients of this pact are lasting and often remain in the world long after the artist themselves have gone on to join the throng at Beacon. This is one of the most actively involved of the secret powers, and will on occasion send agents out to interject, guide, or discipline the followers of the path, key amongst these being the Lich's champion. She does not tolerate anything that endangers or disrupts the course of their plans, but will on occasion aid the artist in times of great need, should the ever watchful eyes of the Deathless find their cause worthy of such interaction.



For an artist to be chosen for this pact, they must first understand the vision of the powers that offer it. The desire for a deathless, painless world where those with potential to further the existence of the sentient undead by means of innovation, creativity, and invention are free to pursue their endeavors unfettered by the constraints of time and the limitations of flesh. The artist must be willing to make this cause their own, and agree with the benevolent spirit of its intention. There is no unnecessary cruelty of malice involved here, though acts of violence against those that stand in opposition to their vision are welcome.

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