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The Order of the Black Flame

The order consists of the gathered, sentient and non sentient undead that inhabit the island outpost at Beacon under the direction of Erebus Kane . It is from here they tirelessly pursue the elevation of invention, learning, creation, and the pursuit of Erebus's long term goals. United by a cause that runs deeper than any nation or finite ordeals, the undead exist here without the earthbound and finite problems that plague the world of the living. There is no suffering or strife within the boundaries of their domain, but rather a silent, and eternal sense of purpose as the denizens pursue their own goals. While generally not violent, these creatures remain wholly dedicated to the Lich , Erebus and his protector, Phaedra Cadence , and will pursue any orders given without hesitation. This is the seat of power for one of the secret powers of Cairne, the Pact of the Deathless , and all those that pursue that path eventually join the ranks here as their reward for service.   Within the ranks of this order one will find some of the greatest minds in the history of Cairne, those that could be convinced before the Blight and those that sought solace after. They continue to pursue and innovate the realms of science and the arcane, though their discoveries remain catalogued and hidden at Beacon awaiting a time when the world is changed to suit the vision of Erebus.


While the hierarchy of the order is loose at best, Erebus and Phaedra remain the heads of the Order in terms of sustaining, recruitment, and safety. Beyond these key crucial elements, the denizens of the Order are free to pursue anything they desire provided it does not endanger the members of the Order.


A multitude of cultures have accumulated here, though over time most slowly forget their human origins. In the oldest of the undead here, a quiet way of life becomes a common tendency. An aloof and detached awareness of the world at large, and a distance in terms of any real social interactions. On an individual level, the Deathless tend to be isolationists at heart, but will interact in short and direct manners when something is needed.


The University outpost retains the majority of assets it had prior to the Blight in terms of academic needs. It has a vast library, well maintained alchemical and scientific laboratories, and a very powerful telescope. There are rumors that a vast trove of wealth remains locked away in a vault under the island as well, the worldly possessions of those turned, given to the cause and hidden away to await a time when such things may be needed.


The Order itself predates the Blight significantly, Erebus having started it when he took his position at the outpost. Through the mystique of a secret society he was able to lure many unaware into the inner circle of his order and bind them before they were fully aware of his intentions. While Erebus maintains a personal rule of never forcing someone to be a part of his machnications, he does not allow those offered and refused any chance at alerting the outside world of his presence and purpose. Those that refuse are summarily dispatched by Phaedra and animated into a mindless undead by Erebus, allowing the loss of the individual to still be harvested as an asset for the overall vision. Neither of them take this action lightly however, both realizing that death removes potential and seeking any means possible to avoid it if they can.

We Are Light, We Are Flame

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The Deathless
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