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The Sanguine Epoch

Since before the advent of written history, the varied people of Cairne have known to fear the dark. Hunters have forever prowled the unseen places seeking victims for foul purpose, and it was in these late night horrors that the initial Coven that would one day before the Sanguine Epoch was born. While wild rumors and campfire tales have never quite hit the mark entirely, those that have escape the icy grip of the Epoch and lived to tell the story, never seem to survive long afterward. From the highest and most inhospitable peaks of Barren Ridge  they hold their candlelight court, night after night, pulling strings across the planet and playing games with the living that stretch over generations like a vast global chessboard, too big for the pieces to realize what is happening to them.


The Coven itself is a matriarchal structure of elders attended too by a vast number of lesser creatures that function in a subservient manner, heeding tot he elders whims without question. There is very little room for debate or disagreement in this, and those that push back are generally removed from the organization.


With rare exception, the Epoch contains within its inner circle, representatives from every major culture, and a few have been part of the coven for longer that a number of cultures have existed. The exceptions to this are the Ougham, The Bonedancers, the Sahahimu Peoples, and the An Rún Marbh, all of which are resistant or unable to be turned by the creatures.


The Coven predate written history, a number of the elders having existed long enough to see both the rise and fall of of the Bechtlarite Empire. As Cairne changed and grew, so too did they, constantly staying abreast of ever changing world and playing their games and schemes with the living, all the while remaining hidden. When the Blight fell, the disruption was troubling, though the effects more superficial initially that anything, but even they were not entirely immune to the transitive nature of the ambient Void energy that permeates Cairne. Over time, they changed, touched by the Void and empowered by it, becoming faster and stronger than they ever were before. As the years became decades and the centuries, the sisters of the coven quickly began reaching out into the world with their agents to find, not only food, but those deemed worthy enough to take up the mantle of their pact, adn bind themselves into a bargain with them for the power to manipulate blood.

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