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Barren Ridge

A blasted range of freezing mountains that crest the southern tip of the mainland, these desolate peaks have long had a reputation for being both mysterious and deadly. The black, granite stone holds stark contrast against the consistently grey skies and snow capped peaks. Even before one enters the foothills, there is a biting cold wind the rolls down from the heights, a strange chill that can cut through even the warmest of clothing. It is believed that these peaks are among the highest in the world, some of the tallest of them going so high that they cannot sustain life due to the extreme cold and a lack of breathable air. This alone would normally be enough to keep any sensible person from attempting to explore its secrets, but the secrets that it holds are far more sinister and dark then the natural dangers this locations holds. hidden upon the desolate, cloud obscured zenith stands an ancient, lone tower only spoken about in dreaded whispers, Deireadh an Chroí . While little is known about the location, even the vast intelligence networks of the Bechlarite and Culvarkt having been unable to penetrate its walls, it is rumored that the occupants of that place wield tremendous power, and a history that far pre-dates the Blight.


A barren mountain range of black granite and icy cold. There is little here that can survive the extreme conditions natively, and between the cold and lack of flora, very little has any reason to try. The range itself stretches along over five hundred miles along the southernmost region of the mainland, the stark cliffs that make up the length that runs along the water's edge seeming to imply that at one time the land mass was larger but a large portion of it must have been lost to the sea in a tumultuous terrestrial event.


While it is rumored that some pockets of life exist, hidden within the depths of the range, no viable proof as to this has been attained. The weather and temperatures remain extremely hostile year round.

Ecosystem Cycles

This location, due to its proximity to the arctic south and the winds that buffet the cliffs on the south side of the range remains locked in a constant winter.


The temperatures here remain at a constant sub zero range, even the northernmost foothills locked in a permafrost. At its heights, black clouds linger throughout the year, obscuring vision and blotting out what little sun there is, and in the valleys below, deadly ice and snow accumulate creating glaciers and entire regions of wind packed snow.


Even before the Blight, this location was inhospitable and rumored to be haunted or cursed. The location being such an inhospitable one left it largely ignored save for the mysterious denizens of Deireadh an Chroí, who even then maintained their keep at the highest peak. These details were enough to keep the location from being explored save for the occasional curious scholar or thrill seeker, however, the majority of those were never seen again, only lending to the mystique and danger of the place. The Blight seemed to have little noticeable effect on the location, it having been fairly far removed from the initial impact and fairly barren to begin with, and the lack of need and any known valuable resources have kept it from seeming to be a location of any significant value to the remaining cultures.
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