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Deireadh an Chroí

High upon the highest peak of the Barren Ridge sits an ancient structure of gleaming black stone locked in an eternal winter. The air at the altitude is unbreathable and sparse to the point that creatures that need to breathe with asphyxiate long before the reach the first glassy step of the tower. Within the structure, there is no warmth or solace, and only the dimly wavering light of arcane candles that give the location an even more sinister glow. The tower is filled with winding stairs and secret doors, hidden rooms and black secrets. In the grand hall near the top of the tower, the cover meets nightly to discuss their varied schemes and plots, and to monitor the path of their chosen few, those who have agreed to accept their pact and draw forth from the Pact of Blood.

Purpose / Function

The tower exists to provide the Coven with a safe an secure location from which they can expand their power and influence without fear of reprisal fromt he realms of mortals.


The entire structure is built out of the mountain peak itself, carved rather than built in a masterful way that managed to keep the natural flow of the structure, but allowing the construction of it to bend to the will of those directing it. Between the solid stone, the extreme weather, and the inhabitants, the location is virtually impregnable.


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