Cairne The Scarlet Sickness Ravages the Bechtlarite Empire

The Scarlet Sickness Ravages the Bechtlarite Empire

Plague / Epidemic


During the zenith of the Bechtlarite Empire's reign, a dark shadow loomed over its grandeur, the Scarlet Sickness. This devastating plague emerged as a harrowing chapter, claiming thousands of lives and leaving an enduring mark on the empire's legacy.

Originating within the bustling heart of the capital city, Armuun, the Scarlet Sickness manifested with stealthy potency, swiftly spreading throughout the densely populated urban sprawl. What began as sporadic cases of malaise and fever soon burgeoned into a virulent epidemic, sweeping across the empire with ruthless efficiency.   The symptoms of the Scarlet Sickness were both alarming and swift. Afflicted individuals first experienced profound weakness and fatigue, swiftly followed by an onset of high fever and relentless coughing fits. As the disease progressed, a distinctive crimson rash would blanket the skin, earning the plague its ominous appellation. Efforts to contain the outbreak proved futile as the contagion defied attempts at quarantine and segregation. The bustling markets, labyrinthine alleyways, and tightly packed residences of Armuun served as ideal breeding grounds for the relentless spread of the disease.   The healers and physicians of the Bechtlarite Empire were ill-equipped to combat the onslaught of the plague. Traditional remedies and herbal treatments offered scant respite to the afflicted populace, and as the death toll mounted, panic and despair seized hold of the empire, the virulent contagion seemingly able to thwart even the most accomplished priest's attempts to utilize divine power to halt it, leaving many to wonder if the god, Goyne was displeased with his people, or if perhaps some powerful curse had led to this.   The Scarlet Sickness wrought havoc upon all echelons of society, indiscriminately claiming the lives of commoners and aristocrats alike. Entire villages lay decimated, agricultural lands fell fallow, and thriving settlements dwindled to ghostly remnants as fear of the contagion gripped the empire in a vice-like grip.   For five years this unseen menace tore through human society, and despite many attempts to keep it concealed from the outside world, it was only a short matter of less than a year before word made its way across the land. Daimus I, despite expectations, turned his full attentions inward releasing vast resources into the population for the sake of feeding, housing, and caring for the sick, as well as proper removal and dignified burials of those that were lost from the poorest to the wealthiest without question, showing his dedication and loyalty to his people.   Despite the Empire's powerful hold on the empires of the Elves and dwarves, neither was eager to lend aid and risk their own people, though neither dared too take advantage of the situation either as the standing armies of the Becht remained stationed outside the city walls in a move by the Sovereign to protect their borders and tenuous grip on their allies, a decision that very likely saved the Becht nation from being overrun by the empires that they held in check. After the fourth year, the contagion seemed to begin to fade, and by the end of the fifth, it had come to a complete halt. Despite the thousands of lives claimed by the sickness, and the social and economic impact, the remaining citizens came back even more dedicated and inspired than before, lauding Sovereign Daimus I as a hero for turning his full attention to defending and caring for his people when it mattered most.   Diminished but still strong, the Empire not only stood, but flourished in the wake of the tragedy, the lower populations allowing a more substantial and diverse way of life for all due to an abundance of available resources, allowing the Becht to vault ahead further educationally, culturally, and economically.

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