Cairne The Coronation of Jaimus Oraulicli I Hails the Return of the Becht Sovereign

The Coronation of Jaimus Oraulicli I Hails the Return of the Becht Sovereign

Political event


Sovereign Jaimus Oraulicli was chosen to fill the role of Sovereign based upon the merit he displayed following in the footsteps of his father who, following the War of Human, sacrificed a sizable portion of his family's wealth and his own safety and security in order to care for the Becht people. While he remained unenthused about the prospect of the position, ever a man of duty he accepted and reignited the flame of Becht nationalism.

While Jaimus Oraulicli I is largely considered in a good light even in the retrospect of history, he never desired the crown or any power in general. He was fully engrossed in the concept of continuing his fathers work and good deeds, having grown up in the devastation of post war Becht and seen first hand the damage that had been done to the people there. He was still a relatively young man at the time, and just married to Sarah Oraulicli , and began to place publically available resources of food and medicine throughout the empire, funding and helping to build the roots of the Benevolent order in the process.   While the coronation was met with widespread acceptance, there remained many who saw the renewal of the crown as a step in the wrong direction. These detractors hounded Jaimus I throughout his reign despite the good he did, though there is not a single account of him having ever trying to stifle such criticisms, instead opting to answer the accusations and questions of those opposed to him openly and without hesitation, often admitting to mistakes and exposing failures within the Order of Objective Representation as well.

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