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The Hellfire Spire

The Northernmost spire on the outer walls houses the famed Hellfire Brigade. It is here that they live and train and from here that their internal patrols and public appearances are staged. The internal trappings on the lower floors are simplistic and organized, showing a great degree of discipline and care. The upper levels, which is where the dormitory and armory are located, are a much less stoic affair. This area, being off limits to all but the members of the Brigade and their superiors, is filled with luxury items, fine food and wine, and plush and ample trappings. Though the public never sees this aspect of their lives, it is generally understood that to make it into the ranks of the Brigade, affirms a life of opulent style. Despite these things, the spire is still battle ready and incredibly well defended, just as the others are with cannons and ballistae aimed at every direction.
Guard post / house
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