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The Yerba Mate Cafe

Central to the Recreational Ward, and an ever-present edifice within the public eye, this cafe serves as the most popular public house in the city. The outer structure still retains the grand designs of the Temple of Goyne, the once revered god that watched over human-kind until the Blight. When it was clear that Goyne would not be returning, a shrewd businessman named Fernal Blithe stepped in and bought the property from the few remaining monks that maintained it for a pittance, and opened the establishment that stands today, still run by his descendants. The cafe is always filled with Bechtlarites holding intellectual conversations over various teas and coffee, and the very fine foods that are available here. The structure of the old temple is such that it is well suited to the low light, low key style that is perpetuated throughout, still demanding a manner of reverence and respect that leads to the nooks and crannies, now filled with tables, chairs, divans, and bookshelves, being occupied by small groups of people holding conversations in hushed tones and lowered voices.
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