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The Bechtlarite Financial Depository

The central bank of the city of Armuun and one of the most secure locations on the planet. This unimposing structure houses one of the most devious and ingenious vault designs ever. Aside from a handful of Becht managerial staff, the majority of the internal functions are maintained by simple automatons and steam driven engines. The internal workings of the vault itself are devised from a system of intricate pneumatic pipes and valves that move and store goods within a huge underground mechanical structure that is devoid of air and light, maintained and worked within by clockwork creations which in turn are maintained by even smaller automatons that are fist sized and sent in to work on any malfunctioning parts as needed. To access any of the contents takes a unified code system that requires three individual inputs from three of the human managerial staff. These codes are unique to each individual and use a system of gibberish symbols created specifically for the locking structure. The entire building is built to seal off in the event of any tampering with the vaults workings or outside, unfamiliar incursions into the inner workings, trapping all inside until whatever the issue or invading force is removed or terminated.
Bank / Treasury
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