Cairne The Implementation of the Eugenics Enhancement Initiative

The Implementation of the Eugenics Enhancement Initiative

Scientific achievement


With his position in the global economic and political arena quickly becoming secure, Daimus I, in conjunction with a panel of advisors and some of the brightest minds in the empire, implements the Eugenics Enhancement Initiative in order to create a fighting force to reinforce the empire's position in the world, but to further push his own agenda.

Gathering together the greatest minds in the Empire, Sovereign Daimus I began to further cement his position within the world by creating a fighting force that would be able to enact his will and defend his borders, should the need arise. His increasing power within the global area had raised concerns that, while they maintained economic clout, the ability to hold onto it in a world filled with powerful species with abilities far beyond human capability could become tenuous.   To do this, Daimus and his panel gathered the greatest among the armies and general populace of the empire into a program designed, from the outside, to appear to be a selective lotto, elevating those selected into a much desired level of social and financial well being. Competitions and batteries of tests were issued through the lands, built to determine the strongest, most capable, and sharpest witted. Those that made their way to the top of these were granted access to a specially crafted training facility within the heart of Armuun. They were housed, fed, and cared for within the facility, and given a rigorous training regime under the scrutiny of some of the most revered and respected members of the military and academic elite. While life within these walls was strenuous, the rewards matched and even superseded the efforts. These selected individuals were isolated from the outside, and were frequently overseen by Daimus I himself, who would often walk among them and even share meals with them on occasion. The members of this elite community were encouraged to grow close and even to form relationships with one another, these joinings applauded and celebrated events, and eventually, within those walls, the first child was born.   As more children were sired, and the population began to grow, the children were taken in as early as their physical and mental acumen allowed, and their own training began, nearly as rigorous as their parents. Becht people, being as fond of academics and education as they were, saw this as potentially one of the greatest opportunities that could be made available to their young, and were immediately caught up in the fervor.   Upon reaching their thirteenth year, the young were transferred to another facility in the north of the empire's reaches. The only shared information about this facility was that it was in the north, and that those selected to go there would be raised up into the highest echelon of Becht society that ever was. They and their families were told that they were the future of not only the empire, but of the human species itself.   This new facility, Fort Hiverstead, was nestled into the foothills of Goldspire Range. The recruits taken here were utterly isolated and removed from all outside contact. Within the walls of this location, their military training began, the requirements taken up two fold what they were before. The promise of greatness was maintained, and despite the harsh regiments and high demands, they were still allowed a degree of luxury in their down time, granted comfortable quarters, the best food, and encouraged to mingle and become close with one another. Specialized diets and the introduction of several arcane elements quickly shaped those that were sent to the fort into larger, stronger, faster, and more resilient examples of humanity. The elements of the north and the harsh regime mingled with science and magic showing the desired results quickly. By the time the second generation had matured to fighting age, Daimus I was confident that his new elite branch of fighters, lovingly referred to as, "The Hiversteadians", would be a match for any troops the rest of the empires of Cairne might attempt to use against him.

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