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The Bechtlarite Intelligence Bureau

The front line of defense against all threats both domestic and abroad, the BIB is one of the largest intelligence networks on the planet, and contains within it the famed Wraith Guard, an elite unit of highly trained individuals that specialize if removing arcane threats from endangering the populations of all nations. While they operate under the Sovereign Empire of the Becht, that vast majority of other cultures welcome these officers among them as a means of securing their own people from the threat of the return of arcane power should it be allowed to return unhindered. This also affords them a foothold in most other cultures in terms of surveillance and information gathering, allowing them to remain knowledgeable about the internal working and sometimes even the secret workings of the rest of the world's ruling powers.


Command Staff  
  • Nonpareil
  • Exemplar
  • Vindicator
  • Upholder
  • Paramount
  • Defender
  • Protector
  • Lancer
  • Advocate
Field Command  
  • Guardian
  • Vizer
  • Justicar
Field Agents  
  • Operative
  • Inquisitor
  • Investigator
  • Wraith Guard
Junior Agents  
  • Scout
  • Initiate


Within the organization remains a strict code of conduct, both among their own and with the outside citizenry. Appearances are a paramount concern within the Bureau, and public opinion is always weighed heavily before any direct actions are taken in a given situation. While a great deal of clandestine activity goes on within the scope of their activities, the vast majority of it is focused on defending their domain and the secrets already contained there. There is a very strict zero tolerance policy on insubordination, and in order to be one of the elite and move through the ranks, progression is achieved through merit of action, intellectual acuity, and who one represents the BIB in the field and in the face of the public.

Public Agenda

Defending the sanctity and security of the Sovereign Empire of the Becht, and standing firm in the face of the ever present danger presented by the growing threat of magic and its use.


In 55 PR, Sovereign Jaimus Oraulicli II with the full support of the Order of Objective Representation put into motion the founding of the Bureau as a front line to defend his people and lands from the rising insurrection and sedition of The Burnt Crows . Initially led by Candor Ralech , the BIB held the line against this perceived threat while at the same time, much more quietly, integrating agents all over the world and building over the course of many years, one of the largest Intelligence networks in the world. While they have had their share of failures and mishaps, they remain a constant in Becht society, and are generally a well respected institution.   As they grew, they began to develop many innovative ways to detect and contain criminal elements that have embraced the use of arcane talents and knowledge, and are the most adept at this of all nations with nearly every other culture hosting at least some presence of their elite mage hunting outfit, the Wraith Guard.   Nonpareils:  

Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam (From Ignorance to Wisdom)

Founding Date
12th of Senectus 55 PR
Information Network
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