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Milton Petal

Nonpareil Milton Bertrand Petal

Milton Petal is by far the youngest person to ever achieve the rank of Nonpareil . His ascension through the echelons of the The Bechtlarite Intelligence Bureau has been heralded as prodigious and he has already had several large successes in his field in terms of clandestine defense and internal security by rooting out several counter agents, exposing an internal conspiracy that fed information to the The Burnt Crows , and arguably the crowning achievement that earned him his final promotion, discovering and halting a plot intended to abduct the current Prima Consort Eleanor Effron from The Palace of Glass itself, suffering a grievous injury in the process that resulted in him needing a leg amputated. He continues to run the Bureau with impeccable efficiency.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a working class family, Milton grew up in a situation that general found matters lacking inn some way or another, whether it be due to the inability of his family to afford the common amenities that the majority of Becht society enjoy, or his exclusion from the social circles of his peers due to being a soft spoken and small individual, often bullied or ridiculed by his peers. One thing stood out in Milton above all else in his youth, however, and that was that he never complained. Milton was an inventive sort, not uncommon within the citizenry of Armuun, but for him, unlike the others, it was not a matter of social standing or desire to be noticed by the intellectual elite. Milton's inventive prowess came in the form of his ability to innovate ways to engineer situations. As a quiet youth, he used his stature and standing as a means to observe quietly and learn about the world as an outside participant, offering him a unique perspective among the normally very socially active Becht. Over time, his sharp mind managed to piece together some very complex situational awareness routines, and it is said that the man has an eidetic memory which allows him the unique perspective of being able to recall even the most minute details of a given scenario. This skill, and a dizzying intellect, allowed him to move through the ranks of the Wraith Guard quickly, receiving awards and accommodations at every step. While smaller than most of his peers, his tenacity and drive quickly stifled any assumptions that he was in any way weaker or less efficient than the rest.      During his time as a field agent, and through the use of his well honed abilities, he was able to discover a number of agents in the field that had been compromised, either through the infiltration of one of the other intelligence networks such as the Culvarkt agency, The League of Steam or the Hiversteadian agency, The Black Hand but also several plants that had been placed there by The Burnt Crows . These discoveries made him some very powerful allies, and more than a few powerful enemies as well as his upwards arc towards command continued.    After being promoted to the rank of Vizer and being granted a team of his own, Milton set to work following threads of something he suspected for some time, a much larger conspiratorial push to gain access to their ranks by the terrorists that had pitted themselves against the BIB since its inception, the Burnt Crows. Utilizing his team in a deft maneuver, he was able to place an agent within the movement that had gained a moderate amount of traction within the Bureau, a young Seanachaisian agent that had made a home in Armuun and was eager to see peace maintained there. This pantomime worked perfectly, the Seanachaisian agent easily moving through the conspirators due to his cultural heritage, and nearly discovering the location of Sighnai Oifrei herself when the Crows discovered his intentions and escalated their plans prematurely in a desperate attempt to kidnap and abscond with Prima Consort Eleanor Effron , which would have led to a national incident that had potentially devastating implications had they succeeded, possibly igniting tensions that had finally begun to quiet down and stirring up a new wave of violence by both the Seanachaisians and Becht loyalists, as the Effron family line was and is well loved by the Becht people. The Seanachaisian agent narrowly escaped the conspirators following his exposure and relayed their plans to Milton who, with his team and thanks to his remarkable intellectual gifts, were able to mount a counter to their plans. While hurried and without much time to plan, Milton's team were able to intervene at the last moment, routing the Crows infiltration but not without a struggle. As his team fought off the main bulk of the would be kidnappers, he tasked himself with the protection of the Prima Consort, leading her to safety. He was shot twice in the process, shielding the Prima Consort with his own small frame and still managing to secure her safely within the Palace and holding there until the fight was over and the Sovereign's personal team of Benevolents arrived to tend to his wounds. His injuries were bad enough that they resulted in the amputation of his right leg, but this did not deter him in any way. A mere few years later, the former Nopareil, Barbara Graves, retired from her post and, at the request of Milton, with no fanfare beyond the necessary communicates to senior staff and the Sovereign himself, awarded him the title and position of Nonpareil.


Milton is highly educated, graduating with honors from The University of the Lighted Way where he continues to study and research on his own.
Current Status
Head of the Bechtlarite Intelligence Bureau
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
3rd of Cortus, 176 PR
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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