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The Black Hand

The Black Hand do not advertise what they do publicly, but the Hiversteadians make not attempt to hide the fact they exist. As a matter of honor they allow their existence to be know, save for the individual identities of the members of this elite, covert unit. The concept of Hiversteadian honor does not sit well with the majority of clandestine operations, and in truth, the primary function of these agents is counter intelligence and internal security. This does not mean they are without their dark side, and the assignments that they succeed are are very seldom heard of. The Hiversteadians are extremely well trained, efficient, and deadly if it is called for.



The smallest of all the units within the Hiverstead Defense Force, these specialized soldiers number approximately 500, though an exact number is hard to pin down, as their exact identities as a whole are not known in any inclusive manner to anyone within Hiversteadian society, including the Commander Chief.


  • Specialized Equipment will depend on the job, position, and location.


  • Specialized Equipment will depend on the job, position, and location.


Counter-Intelligence, information gathering, sabotage, assassinations, and general subterfuge are taught to these specialists by the head of the League of Steam, Victor Vhank. The methods and tactics are utilized and incorporated into the Hiversteadian standards of behavior and pushed out from there.


Training for these units is extremely intensive, and most are hand picked by the Commander Chief, The Council of Five, or on occasion Victor Vhank himself. The elite regimine and batteries of tests and excercises are extrememly secret, but no soldier that completes them returns the same.
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