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The capital city of the Culvarkt empire rests upon the highest peak in the God's Teeth mountains. A gleaming spiral shaped cap upon the existing mountain made of brass, steel, and polished stone, it is a wonder to behold. Within its confines are a bustling metropolis, completely encased and protected from the elements, kept warm by countless bellows and furnaces within the city. There are twelve airship docks that ring the highest portion of the city and a series of steam powered elevators that bring goods to and fro from them. Circling the lower levels are countless stalls, pubs, and shops selling almost anything one could imagine and then some. The levels above that house the craftsmen, builders, and tinkers of House Culvarkt. Here is filled with the unending sounds of craftsmen at work, and they churcn out vast amounts of goods. Nestled within the center, the mountain itself, are the homes of the dwarves of House Culvarkt. The houses vary from simple and sparse domains to opulent and palatial villas all dug into the rock itself. Above the homes , is the family estate of Joseph Culvarkt, and mansion made of hewn stone and adorned with fine metals and rare wood. Inside is lavish furnishings and priceless art.
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