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The Snowasis

A general store with a large stock of foods from all over Cairne. Shipments are flown in regularly and the proprietor, Marque DeBrun keeps a large supply of non-perishable and preserved foods in stock at all times by the request of Jorgan Panuk himself.

Purpose / Function

This shop exists to keep food stocks and stores in large enough supply that the local population can keep variety in their diets and hold enough surplus that the harsher months of the year do not push them anywhere close to danger.


While the shop front is fairly common by the standards of Stonebridge, the shop itself contains a vast underground storage area, dug into the stone itself and sealed off from the outside.


The architecture is fairly standard for Stonebridge, as the desire of the Hiversteadians was to make buildings non-descript and similar as a matter of strategy should anyone or anything get inside. This way, no one building is made out to be any kind of central target or location of importance.
Shop, Generic
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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