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Fouvienian War Chiefs

The Fouvienian way of life is a harsh one of constant war and struggle, and as such is a stratocracy, a council of military chiefs. There is little distinction between civil and military ways of life, as they are all required by law to serve under the banner in the efforts to keep the darkness at bay. When and if a veteran reaches an age where they would become a liability on the front line, they are pushed into serving on the war council, and those too injured to fight, maintain the lesser functions of day to day life such as arms and armor maintenance, and municipal upkeep jobs. While most of the dwarves of Underhome are incredibly polite to one another, the culture that has grown from constant strife is one that cherishes a life lived and then lost in battle. those who find their way to these municipal posts are often dejected and unhappy, a large number of them prone to disappearing into the caves never to be seen or heard from again. The current Low Commander of the Council of War is Jules Argaelast, a fierce combatant even at the age of 387, though it is his mind that has earned him such a place of high esteem in the Council. He, with only a handful of troops retook a fifteen mile stretch of tunnel and then broke through and reclaimed the ancient throne room of the Grundstone lines. At the end of the day, he and two other dwarves were all that remained but victory was theirs and the ancient throne of kings was once again in their possession. He leads the dwarves with a strict and intolerant order, but with the best of intentions. He is a firm believer in their cause and tolerates nothing less from those under his command. The other houses that remained with Arguus so long ago, gave up their identities and family claims to remain focused on one cause under one name. The war chiefs that make up the council instead focus on specialized parts of the military forces and municipal functions of day to day life.


The organizational structure of the Fouvienian dwarves is characterized by its hierarchical stratocracy, where leadership and decision-making authority are centralized within the military ranks. At the pinnacle of this structure is the Low Commander, who serves as the supreme leader and commander-in-chief of the Fouvienian forces. Below the Low Commander are various ranks of officers, starting with the various War Chiefs, each responsible for overseeing specific aspects of military operations and governance. These officers below the War Chiefs include captains, commanders, and sergeants, who lead units of soldiers and coordinate their efforts in battle.   In addition to the military hierarchy, there is a civilian administration that supports the needs of the populace and oversees non-military affairs. This administration includes roles such as advisors, counselors, diplomats, and craftsmen, who contribute to the overall well-being and functioning of Fouvienian society.


In the aftermath of the apocalypse, the Fouvienian dwarves have waged an unyielding war against the relentless tide of Blight-born horrors, striving to reclaim their lost homeland after two centuries of bitter conflict. Their society revolves around survival amidst the darkness, with a primary focus on the cultivation and utilization of fungal crops, which sustain them in their underground existence. Xenophobic by nature, the Fouvienians are wary of outsiders, their mistrust deeply rooted in their long memories and extended lifespans. They harbor a profound distrust of those beyond their realm, viewing them as potential threats to their precarious existence. Amidst the perpetual struggle against the Blight, Fouvienian culture has adapted to the harsh realities of their world. Their diet, primarily consisting of fungal sustenance, reflects their resourcefulness in the face of scarcity. Every aspect of their society, from their communal living arrangements to their hierarchical structures, is geared towards survival and the preservation of their dwindling resources. Despite their isolationist tendencies, the Fouvienians possess a fierce sense of kinship and loyalty to their own kind. Bonds forged in the crucible of war run deep, and they stand united against the encroaching darkness, determined to reclaim their rightful place in the world they once called home.

"Strength in Unity, Resolve in Adversity."


  • Endroit Bas
  • Crackstone Manor
  • Fouvienian Reclamation
  • Abandoned Temple to Zevrhan
Founding Date
Senectus, 6 PR
Geopolitical, Stratocracy
Alternative Names
Blightbreakers, Blightguardians, Fovians, Fouvies, Stonekin
Predecessor Organization
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
The Fouvienian War Council
Judicial Body
The Fouvienian War Council
Executive Body
Low Commander Jules Argaelast
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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