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Brace Gradite

Brace Gradite, the esteemed commander of the Fire Ragers within the underground strongholds of Underhome, cuts a formidable figure amidst the shadows that shroud the dwarven realm. Clad in rugged armor adorned with the scars of countless battles, his steely gaze betrays both the weight of responsibility and the unyielding determination that drives him forward. As the leader of the Fire Ragers, Brace embodies the resilience and valor of his unit, standing as a paragon of hope amidst the encroaching darkness of the Blight. His duties weigh heavily upon him, and he bears the burden of command with a heavy heart. Each loss suffered by his troops is etched into his soul, a wound that never heals, each one carved across his heart and made in the name of Underhome's survival. Despite the toll of loss and hardship, Brace remains steadfast in his resolve. He understands the vital role that the Fire Ragers play in maintaining the tenuous balance of survival within Underhome. Their fiery courage blazes a trail through the darkness, pushing back the forces of the Blight and safeguarding the dwindling population of dwarves that call the underground realm home. Brace's leadership is tempered by compassion and wisdom, for he knows that every life lost in battle is a precious sacrifice made to ensure the continued existence of their people. He shoulders the weight of his responsibilities with grim determination, for he understands that the fate of Underhome rests upon his shoulders.
Current Location
Date of Birth
35th of Senectus, 59 AR
Year of Birth
59 AR 274 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

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