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The former palace of the Grundstone line of kings. Once reclaimed it made an impregnable fortress from which the dwarves were able to push out and regain ground bit by bit. The entire palatial structure is immense and carved from the stone beneath the God's Tooth mountains. In the center of the fortress is a tremendous forge lined with giant bellows operated by systems of pulleys and gears. Bellowing steam furnaces and high piles of coal fill the room. From here the dwarven smiths craft and maintain the Fouvienian armory. In the higher reaches of the central structure, a winding stairwell that moves along a vast, vertical shaft leads to the upper offices of the War Council and the elaborate War Room itself, now set within the former throne room. The floor has been repurposed and now shows a detailed bas relief carving of the known regions of underhome, both reclaimed and otherwise. From here the Council plans and directs their military efforts . The Top of the shaft exits into a large cave which is fed by an icy river that is siphoned to provide clean water and a means to move goods from there to the nearby Hiversteadian settlements. Below the forges lie the civilian settlements, tucked neatly below and hidden within the existing structures offering a highly defensible perimeter. Within the circle that makes up this area are hundreds of smaller, neatly organized structures that serve every needed purpose from schools and shops to homes and hospitals. The majority of the general population live and dwell here, kept safe by the Hearth Guard.


The Hearth Guard


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