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Marcel Ebonrue

Marcel Ebonrue embodies the epitome of strength and resilience, his unwavering presence a bastion of hope amidst the perpetual darkness of Underhome. With a stoic demeanor that belies the depth of his compassion, he commands respect and admiration from all who stand alongside him in the battle against the Blight Born.¬†Physically imposing, Marcel cuts an frightening figure, his muscular frame a honed by years of conditioning in the rigors of combat. His steely gaze, beneath a furrowed brow, speaks volumes of the determination and resolve that burns within his soul. Despite the weight of countless battles etched upon his features, there remains a sense of quiet determination that sets him apart as a leader among his peers. As a skilled medic, Marcel's hands possess a gentle yet confident touch, capable of both mending wounds and meting out justice on the battlefield. Whether staunching the flow of blood from a grievous wound or wielding a weapon with lethal precision, he approaches each task with the same unwavering commitment to excellence and duty.   In the heat of battle, Marcel is a force to be reckoned with, his combat prowess matched only by his unyielding courage. He leads from the front lines, inspiring his comrades with his unwavering resolve and selflessness in the face of danger. Despite the chaos and carnage that surrounds him, he remains steadfast, a beacon of strength and stability in the tumultuous sea of war, but beneath the hardened exterior lies a heart of gold, a powerful connection to the people under his care and leadership. Marcel's empathy and compassion shine through in moments of quiet reflection, reminding all who know him that, despite the darkness that threatens to consume them, there remains hope for a brighter future.
Current Location
Date of Birth
4th of Frigus. 25 AR
Year of Birth
25 AR 240 Years old
Current Residence

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