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Mercy's Hand

In the shadowed depths of Underhome, where the very air hangs heavy with the taint of the blight, the Order of Benevolents stands as a beacon of hope amidst the encroaching darkness. For many long decades, they have held their ground within the crumbling halls of the dwarven realm, their enclave a sanctuary amidst the relentless onslaught of horrors spawned from the malevolent energies that seeped into the underground world. Among the stalwart members of this order, there exists a revered squad known as Mercy's Hand. Led by the indomitable siblings Marcel and Vynna Ebonrue, this band of healers stands as the first line of defense against the ceaseless tide of undead abominations and twisted monstrosities that plague their kin. With unwavering resolve, they navigate the treacherous battlegrounds of Underhome, their hands ever steady as they tend to the wounded and dying.   Vynna, her unwavering compassion matched only by her fierce determination to defy the darkness that threatens to consume their world. With her mastery of the healing arts, she breathes life back into the fallen and soothes the suffering of the wounded. Though her heart bears the weight of countless losses, she refuses to yield to despair, her resolve unbroken even in the face of overwhelming odds, and Marcel, with his stoic demeanor and unwavering courage, serving as the steadfast anchor of Mercy's Hand. His skill with both blade and bandage is matched only by his determination to protect those under his care. Wherever the fighting is fiercest, Marcel can be found, his presence a source of strength and reassurance to his comrades in arms. Together, the Ebonrue siblings lead Mercy's Hand with a unity born of shared purpose and unwavering devotion to their people. Through their tireless efforts, they stand as a monument to the resilience of the dwarven spirit, a beacon of light amidst the encroaching shadows of Underhome.



Within the formation of Mercy's Hand, there is a diverse team of healers and defenders, each essential to the squad's effectiveness in battling the horrors of Underhome. While Marcel and Vynna Ebonrue are the prominent figures within the group, they are supported by a number of other dedicated individuals.   A typical composition includes several frontline defenders, skilled in combat and tasked with protecting the healers while also engaging the enemy. These defenders are warriors proficient in wielding axes, hammers, or other traditional dwarven weapons, as well as perhaps a few ranged fighters providing cover fire from a distance. In addition to the frontline fighters, there is a core group of healers like Vynna, adept in the arts of mending wounds, curing ailments, and even removing fallen comrades if circumstances allow. These healers are essential for keeping the squad functional during prolonged engagements, ensuring that injuries are swiftly treated and that morale remains high despite the constant dangers they face.   Overall, while the precise number of individuals within Mercy's Hand may vary depending on the needs of the moment and the availability of resources, it consists of at least a hundred or more members, all working together with a shared sense of purpose to safeguard their people and push back against the encroaching darkness.


Frontline Defenders:
  • Weapons: These warriors wield a mix of traditional dwarven weapons such as axes, hammers, and warhammers. These are effective for close-quarters combat against the relentless onslaught of undead and other abominations.
  • Armor: Frontline defenders are clad in heavy armor, providing them with protection against enemy attacks. This armor is crafted from durable materials found in the depths of Underhome, designed to withstand the rigors of battle.
Ranged Fighters:  
  • Weapons: Ranged fighters employ weapons such as crossbows, flintlocks, or throwing axes to provide covering fire from a distance. These weapons allow them to pick off enemies from afar while providing support to their frontline comrades.
  • Armor: While not as heavily armored as frontline defenders, ranged fighters wear medium armor that offers them some protection without hindering their mobility. This allows them to maneuver effectively while providing ranged support.
  • Medical Supplies: Healers carry a variety of medical supplies including bandages, salves, potions, and herbs for treating injuries and ailments on the battlefield.
  • Healing Implements: They utilize surgical implements and  tools to treat front line injuries effectively.
  • Protective Gear: While not primarily focused on combat, healers wear light armor and commonly wear a shield strapped to their backs to protect themselves from harm while tending to the wounded amidst the chaos of battle.
Leadership (Marcel and Vynna Ebonrue):  
  • Weapons and Armor: As leaders of Mercy's Hand, Marcel and Vynna wield weapons and wear armor similar to frontline defenders, as they often find themselves at the forefront of battles alongside their comrades, however, their primary focus is on leading and coordinating the squad's efforts rather than frontline combat.


  • Commanders: At the top of the command structure are the commanders, typically represented by Marcel and Vynna Ebonrue, the siblings who oversee Mercy's Hand. They are responsible for setting the overall strategy and objectives of the unit, making critical decisions, and providing guidance to the members.
  • Lieutenants: Under the commanders are lieutenants, trusted individuals who assist in leading and managing the unit. They may be assigned specific responsibilities such as overseeing tactical operations, logistics, or communications. Lieutenants act as intermediaries between the commanders and the rest of the unit, ensuring that orders are effectively communicated and executed.
Frontline Defenders:  
  • Sergeants: Within the frontline defenders, sergeants serve as squad leaders responsible for leading small groups of warriors into battle. They are experienced fighters who provide direction, encouragement, and tactical guidance to their squad members during engagements. Sergeants report to lieutenants and relay information about the status of their squads and any battlefield developments.
  • While ranged fighters and healers may not have specific ranks within the command structure, they still operate under the overall direction of the commanders and lieutenants. They follow the orders and instructions provided by their squad leaders or designated officers during missions and engagements.
Support Personnel:  
  • Medics: The rank and file Benevolents that have been trained and prepared for the ongoing war below answer only to leadership, though they hold no technical rank. All defenders and support answer to their need and call.
  • Support personnel, such as quartermasters, medics, and other non-combat roles that exist within Mercy's Hand to provide essential services and support to the unit. They work closely with the leadership and other members to ensure that logistical needs are met and that the unit remains operational in the field.


  • Protective Shielding: One of the signature tactics of Mercy's Hand is the use of specially designed shields worn by medics to protect their backs while tending to wounded and fallen soldiers. These shields are crafted to be lightweight yet durable, providing essential protection for the medics as they navigate the chaos of the battlefield. This allows the healers to focus on their critical tasks without constantly worrying about attacks from behind, enabling them to tend to the wounded with greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Close Combat Support: Medics and their defenders often operate in close proximity to frontline fighters, providing immediate medical attention to injured comrades amidst the heat of battle. Defenders shield the medics as they move through the fray, ensuring that they can reach fallen soldiers quickly and safely. This tactic requires close coordination and trust between the medics and their defenders, as they work together to navigate the dangers of combat and save lives under fire.
  • Swift Response and Triage: Mercy's Hand prioritizes swift response and triage on the battlefield, ensuring that injured soldiers receive immediate attention to stabilize their condition and prevent further harm. Medics quickly assess the severity of injuries and prioritize treatment based on urgency, rapidly stabilizing wounded soldiers before evacuating them to safer locations for further care. This tactical approach maximizes the chances of survival for injured dwarves and minimizes casualties on the frontline.
  • Risk-taking and Valor: Medics and their defenders are known for their willingness to take extreme risks, diving into the heart of combat with great personal risk to themselves. Each member of Mercy's Hand is sworn to uphold the ideal that every life, in the small and dwindling population of the dwarves they protect, is of paramount importance. This ethos drives them to brave the dangers of battle, knowing that their sacrifices may mean the difference between life and death for their comrades.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: In the ever-changing and unpredictable environment of Underhome, Mercy's Hand remains adaptable and flexible in their tactics. They adjust their strategies based on the specific threats they face, the terrain they traverse, and the resources at their disposal. This adaptability allows them to respond effectively to a wide range of challenges and maintain their effectiveness in the face of adversity.


Maintenance Training:  
  • Medical Proficiency: Regular medical training is essential for all members of Mercy's Hand, particularly healers who must possess advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and healing techniques. Continuous training sessions focus on honing skills such as wound treatment, herbal medicine, and surgical skills. These sessions also cover emergency medical procedures and triage protocols to ensure that healers can respond effectively to any situation on the battlefield.
  • Combat Skills: Frontline defenders and ranged fighters undergo frequent combat drills and sparring sessions to maintain their proficiency in wielding weapons, executing defensive maneuvers, and coordinating attacks with their comrades. Training exercises simulate various combat scenarios encountered in Underhome, helping warriors sharpen their reflexes, improve their accuracy, and develop effective teamwork strategies.
  • Tactical Training: Mercy's Hand regularly conducts tactical simulations and strategy discussions to refine their approach to battlefield situations. Members analyze past engagements, identify areas for improvement, and develop new tactics and countermeasures to overcome emerging threats. These sessions foster critical thinking, strategic planning, and effective decision-making among all members of the formation.
  • Physical Conditioning: Physical fitness is paramount for surviving the rigors of combat in Underhome. Members undergo rigorous physical training regimens to build strength, endurance, and agility. Training includes cardio workouts, strength training exercises, obstacle courses, and endurance challenges designed to push members to their limits and ensure they remain in peak physical condition.
  Training for Joining Mercy's Hand:  
  • Basic Training: Prospective members of Mercy's Hand must undergo basic training to ensure they possess the fundamental skills necessary for survival in the harsh environment of Underhome. This training covers basic combat techniques, medical principles, survival skills, and dwarven traditions and culture.
  • Specialized Training: Once recruits have completed basic training, they undergo specialized training tailored to their role within Mercy's Hand. Healers receive intensive instruction in medical arts, field medicine, and battlefield triage, while frontline defenders and ranged fighters focus on mastering their respective combat disciplines and tactics.
  • Team Integration: New members undergo a period of integration and mentorship within Mercy's Hand, during which they work closely with experienced veterans to learn the nuances of operating as part of the formation. This hands-on training allows recruits to apply their skills in real-world scenarios under the guidance of seasoned mentors, ensuring they are fully prepared to contribute to the unit's mission.


Logistical Support

Logistical Support:
  • Mercy's Hand requires logistical support to ensure they have access to essential supplies, equipment, and provisions while operating in Underhome. This includes food, water, medical supplies, ammunition, and other necessities needed to sustain the unit during extended missions.
  • Responsibility for logistical support falls primarily on support personnel within the formation, such as quartermasters and logistics officers. These individuals are tasked with managing supply inventories, coordinating resupply missions, and ensuring that the unit has everything it needs to remain operational in the field.
  • Effective communication is vital for coordinating the movements and actions of Mercy's Hand, especially in the labyrinthine depths of Underhome where visibility and line of sight can be limited. The formation requires reliable communication systems to relay orders, coordinate maneuvers, and report on battlefield developments. Communication support is provided by specialized personnel responsible for operating and maintaining communication devices such as signal horns, signal lights, or percussion instruments. These individuals ensure that communication channels remain clear and that messages are transmitted accurately and swiftly throughout the formation.
Field Repairs and Maintenance:
  • The harsh and unforgiving environment of Underhome can take a toll on equipment and gear used by Mercy's Hand. Regular maintenance and repairs are necessary to keep weapons, armor, vehicles, and other equipment in optimal condition for combat operations.
  • Frontline defenders, support personnel, and specialized craftsmen within the formation share responsibility for field repairs and maintenance. They work together to inspect equipment, perform repairs, and improvise solutions to keep the unit's gear functional and battle-ready at all times.
21st of Senectus, 32 PR
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