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The Voidstalkers

In the bleak and perilous depths of Cairne, where the remnants of dwarven civilization cling to survival amidst the encroaching darkness, there exists a regiment unlike any other. Known as the Voidstalkers, they are a small yet formidable force, comprised of close to a hundred elite warriors who have been forged in the crucible of constant warfare against the horrors spawned by the dark blight. These warriors, handpicked from the bravest and most skilled among their kin, are the epitome of lethality and precision. Trained to navigate and fight in the deepest and darkest recesses of the void-infested underground, they possess an unparalleled mastery of their environment, where even the very air pulses with malevolent energy. Theirs is a world of perpetual conflict, where the dead rise once more to stalk the living, and every shadow conceals a potential threat.   What sets the Voidstalkers apart is not only their exceptional training but also their rare and coveted equipment. Clad in armor forged from ancient alloys infused with protective elements, they are shielded to some degree from the corrupting influence of the void energy that permeates their surroundings, additionally, they are armed with firearms, a technology scarce and precious in a world where magic has been outlawed and the forging of new weapons is a rare and perilous endeavor. These firearms provide the Voidstalkers with a devastating advantage over their foes, allowing them to strike swiftly and decisively from a distance.   Under the unwavering leadership of Gauge Rhinehorn, a veteran of countless battles and a master tactician, the Voidstalkers operate as small, highly mobile squads. Their mission: to infiltrate enemy territory, strike at the heart of the darkness, and pave the way for the larger forces to follow. They are the silent harbingers of destruction, slipping through the shadows to eliminate key threats and clear the path for their comrades, yet, theirs is a life of sacrifice and hardship. Rarely do the Voidstalkers return from their missions unscathed, and many never return at all. Those who survive learn to adapt and thrive in the unforgiving outer realms, where conflict is a constant companion and retreat is not an option. Their exploits are whispered of in hushed tones throughout Underhome and beyond, their legendary status cemented by their feats of valor and their willingness to confront the darkness head-on.



The Voidstalkers regiment consists of close to a hundred elite warriors.


  • Rare Void-Resistant Armor: The Voidstalkers wear armor forged from ancient alloys infused with protective elements. This armor provides them with a degree of resilience against the corrupting influence of the void energy that saturates their environment. It offers both physical protection and void energy defense, allowing them to withstand the hazards of their missions.
  • Firearms: Unlike most troops in the dwarven realm, the Voidstalkers are armed with firearms. These weapons, which are extremely rare in a world where magic has been outlawed, provide them with a significant advantage in combat. Firearms allow the Voidstalkers to engage enemies from a distance with deadly accuracy, striking swiftly and decisively to eliminate threats before they can close in.
  • Melee Weapons: In addition to firearms, the Voidstalkers carry melee weapons for close-quarters combat. These weapons may include swords, axes, maces, or other traditional dwarven melee weapons. While firearms are their primary means of engagement, the Voidstalkers are trained to handle themselves effectively in hand-to-hand combat when necessary.
  • Utility Gear: To aid them in their missions, the Voidstalkers carry various utility gear such as ropes, grappling hooks, climbing gear, and survival kits. These tools allow them to navigate treacherous terrain, scale vertical surfaces, and overcome obstacles encountered during their missions.
  • Communication Devices: Communication is vital for coordinating their movements and relaying information back to their leaders. The Voidstalkers may utilize non-magical communication devices such as signaling horns, whistles, or flares to maintain contact with each other and with command headquarters.
  • Stealth Equipment: Given their role as infiltrators and scouts, the Voidstalkers may also employ stealth equipment such as cloaks, camouflage gear, and sound-dampening materials to move silently and remain undetected by their enemies.


  • Firearms: A hallmark of the Voidstalkers' arsenal, firearms provide them with a decisive advantage in combat. These ranged weapons include rifles, pistols, and possibly other firearms tailored to the dwarven craftsmanship and adapted for the conditions of the underground environment. Firearms allow the Voidstalkers to engage enemies from a distance with lethal precision, striking swiftly and effectively to eliminate threats.
  • Melee Weapons: In addition to firearms, the Voidstalkers are equipped with melee weapons for close-quarters combat. These weapons may include swords, axes, maces, or other traditional dwarven melee weapons. While firearms are their primary means of engagement, the Voidstalkers are trained to handle themselves proficiently in hand-to-hand combat when the situation demands it.
  • Specialized Ammunition: To enhance the effectiveness of their firearms, the Voidstalkers may utilize specialized types of ammunition. This could include armor-piercing rounds for penetrating enemy defenses, explosive rounds for dealing with clusters of foes, or incendiary rounds for setting fire to flammable targets. The versatility of their ammunition allows the Voidstalkers to adapt to various combat scenarios encountered in the depths of Cairne.
  • Thrown Weapons: In certain situations where firearms may not be practical or effective, the Voidstalkers may employ thrown weapons such as throwing knives, grenades, or other improvised projectiles. These weapons provide them with additional options for engaging enemies at close to medium range, complementing their firearms and melee capabilities.
  • Ancient Artifacts: In their quest to combat the darkness and its minions, the Voidstalkers may also wield ancient artifacts imbued with magical properties or ancient dwarven craftsmanship. These artifacts could include infused weapons, relics of power, or other mystical items discovered in the overrun sectors of Underhome. While rare and precious, and highly illegal, these artifacts provide the Voidstalkers with potent tools for confronting the supernatural threats lurking in the depths, and the use of these items if overlooked by commanders who have come to embrace the need for any leverage against the overwhelming odds these troops find themselves up against regularly.


  • Commanding Officer (CO): At the helm of the Voidstalkers unit is the Commanding Officer, Gauge Rhinehorn, who holds overall authority and responsibility for the unit's operations. He is tasked with making strategic decisions, setting objectives, and overseeing the execution of missions.
  • Second-in-Command (2IC): Supporting the CO is the Second-in-Command, who acts as the deputy leader of the unit. The 2IC assists the CO in managing the unit's affairs, assuming command in their absence, and providing leadership to subordinate members. This role is vital for maintaining continuity and ensuring the smooth functioning of the unit.
  • Squad Leaders: The Voidstalkers unit is divided into smaller squads, each led by a Squad Leader. These leaders are responsible for directing the actions of their respective squads, coordinating tactics, and ensuring the safety and effectiveness of their team members during missions. Squad Leaders are typically experienced warriors chosen for their leadership abilities and tactical acumen.
  • Specialists: Within each squad, there may be specialists assigned to specific roles or tasks based on their skills and expertise. These specialists could include marksmen, explosives experts, medics, scouts, or other specialized roles tailored to the unique requirements of Voidstalkers missions. Specialists provide valuable support and capabilities to enhance the unit's overall effectiveness.
  • Communications Officer: Ensuring clear and efficient communication is crucial for the success of Voidstalkers missions. A dedicated Communications Officer may be appointed to manage a small colony of messenger bats that accompany the squad on their expeditions, relay orders and information between units, and coordinate with command headquarters. This role is essential for maintaining situational awareness and facilitating coordination among team members.
  • Support Personnel: In addition to frontline combatants, the Voidstalkers unit may include support personnel responsible for logistics, supply management, maintenance of equipment, and other administrative tasks. These individuals play a vital behind-the-scenes role in sustaining the operational readiness of the unit and ensuring its continued effectiveness in the field.


  • Stealth and Infiltration: Given their role as elite scouts and infiltrators, the Voidstalkers excel in stealth tactics. They utilize the natural terrain and shadows to move silently and remain undetected by enemy forces. By infiltrating enemy territory unnoticed, they gain valuable intelligence, disrupt enemy movements, and launch surprise attacks.
  • Hit-and-Run Ambushes: The Voidstalkers are adept at launching hit-and-run ambushes against enemy groups. They strike swiftly and decisively, using their firearms and melee weapons to inflict maximum damage before retreating into the shadows. This tactic allows them to weaken enemy forces and sow confusion without becoming overly engaged in prolonged combat.
  • Flanking Maneuvers: During larger engagements, the Voidstalkers may employ flanking maneuvers to outmaneuver and outflank enemies. By striking from unexpected angles, they disrupt enemy formations, create vulnerabilities, and provide opportunities for allied forces to gain the upper hand. Flanking maneuvers are particularly effective when coordinated with other units to maximize their impact.
  • Diversionary Tactics: To distract and confuse enemy forces, the Voidstalkers may utilize diversionary tactics such as decoy operations, false signals, or staged skirmishes. These tactics draw enemy attention away from their main objectives, allowing the Voidstalkers to maneuver more freely and exploit vulnerabilities in enemy defenses.
  • Precision Strikes: Leveraging their proficiency with firearms and specialized ammunition, the Voidstalkers excel in delivering precision strikes against high-value targets. They prioritize enemy leaders, artillery positions, and supply lines, aiming to disrupt enemy command and control and weaken their overall effectiveness.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Perhaps most importantly, the Voidstalkers are highly adaptable and flexible in their tactics. They assess each situation dynamically, adjusting their approach based on changing circumstances and enemy movements. This adaptability allows them to react swiftly to emerging threats and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.


Maintenance Training
  • Weapon Maintenance: Given the critical importance of their firearms and other weaponry, Voidstalkers receive extensive training in weapon maintenance. This includes cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting their firearms regularly to prevent malfunctions and ensure reliable performance in combat. They also learn basic repairs and troubleshooting techniques to address minor issues in the field.
  • Armor Maintenance: The Voidstalkers' specialized void-resistant armor is a vital component of their survivability in the harsh underground environment. Maintenance training includes inspecting the armor for damage, repairing any wear or tear, and ensuring the enchantments remain intact. Proper care of their armor is essential to mitigate the corrupting effects of the void energy and maximize protection.
  • Equipment Checks: Voidstalkers conduct thorough checks of their equipment before each mission to verify that everything is in working order. This includes inspecting their firearms, ammunition, melee weapons, and other gear to ensure they are functioning properly and fully prepared for combat. Any deficiencies or issues discovered during equipment checks are addressed promptly to maintain operational readiness.
  • Physical Fitness: Maintaining peak physical fitness is essential for Voidstalkers to endure the physical demands of their missions and perform at their best in combat situations. They undergo regular physical training routines focused on strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility. Physical fitness training helps them navigate challenging terrain, carry heavy gear, and engage in intense combat encounters without fatigue impairing their performance.
  • Tactical Drills: Voidstalkers regularly participate in tactical drills and simulations to hone their combat skills and coordination as a unit. These drills may include scenarios involving stealth infiltration, ambushes, flanking maneuvers, and precision strikes. By practicing various tactics and scenarios, Voidstalkers develop the proficiency and teamwork necessary to excel in the unpredictable and dangerous environment of Cairne's underground realm.
Training for Joining the Voidstalkers
  • Basic Combat Training: Recruits undergo basic combat training to develop fundamental skills in firearms proficiency, hand-to-hand combat, and tactical awareness. This training provides a foundation for their subsequent specialization as Voidstalkers.
  • Stealth and Infiltration Training: Aspiring Voidstalkers receive specialized training in stealth techniques, camouflage, silent movement, and infiltration tactics. They learn how to operate covertly in enemy territory, gather intelligence, and execute missions with minimal detection.
  • Physical and Mental Endurance: Recruits undergo rigorous physical and mental endurance tests to assess their resilience and determination to withstand the challenges of Voidstalkers missions. This may include long marches, obstacle courses, and simulated combat scenarios designed to push recruits to their limits.
  • Firearms and Equipment Proficiency: Recruits receive intensive training in firearms handling, marksmanship, and equipment operation to ensure they are proficient with the specialized gear used by the Voidstalkers. They learn proper maintenance procedures and safety protocols to maximize their effectiveness in combat.
  • Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Voidstalkers must demonstrate adaptability and quick thinking in the face of unexpected challenges. Recruits undergo training exercises that test their ability to think on their feet, improvise solutions, and adapt to changing situations in the field.


Logistical Support

  • Logistical Support: The Voidstalkers require logistical support to ensure they have access to essential supplies, provisions, and equipment necessary for sustained operations in the underground realm. This includes food, water, ammunition, medical supplies, spare parts, and other consumables needed to sustain their missions for extended periods without resupply.
  • Supply caches: To mitigate the need for frequent resupply missions, the Voidstalkers establish supply caches strategically positioned throughout the underground labyrinth. These caches contain pre-positioned supplies and equipment tailored to the specific needs of Voidstalkers missions, allowing them to resupply as needed without returning to base.
  • Scavenging and Foraging: In the absence of regular resupply channels, the Voidstalkers may rely on scavenging and foraging to supplement their provisions and acquire essential resources from the environment. They may scavenge for ammunition, salvage usable equipment from fallen enemies or abandoned settlements, and forage for edible plants or wildlife to sustain themselves during prolonged missions.


  • The Expedition to the Dark Abyss (69 PR - 80 PR): In a daring expedition into the deepest, most treacherous reaches of Underhome known as the Dark Abyss, the Voidstalkers led the Aegis of the Deep into lost and blight corrupted territory. Facing unimaginable dangers and ancient guardians, they braved the darkness to expand dwarven influence and secure the future of their realm.
  • The Shadowrift Incursion (75 PR - 78 PR): Tasked with investigating reports of a mysterious shadowrift that appeared in a remote sector of Underhome, the Voidstalkers embarked on a perilous expedition to uncover its origins and potential threats. Navigating through twisted passageways and facing manifestations of dark energy, they delved deep into the heart of the rift, confronting ancient guardians and battling against the encroaching darkness. Despite facing overwhelming odds, the Voidstalkers successfully sealed the rift and prevented its malevolent influence from spreading further, earning acclaim for their bravery and heroism.
  • The Expedition to the Crystal Caverns (92 PR - 95 PR): Venturing into the mysterious Crystal Caverns, the Aegis of the Deep sought to harness the power of rare crystalline resources for the betterment of dwarven society. With the Voidstalkers providing scouting and several diversionary maneuvers, they faced both natural hazards and hostile creatures, uncovering secrets that would shape the future of Underhome.
  • The Expedition to the Forgotten Halls (105 PR - 110 PR): Delving into the depths of ancient ruins long forgotten by dwarvenkind, the Aegis of the Deep embarked on an expedition to uncover lost artifacts and relics of their ancestors. Led once again by the Voidstalkers, they faced traps, curses, and twisted guardians left behind in the wake of the Blight, and braved the dangers of the forgotten halls in search of knowledge and power.
  • The Expedition to the Domes of the Shining Eyes (112 PR - 114 PR): Rumored to hold untold riches and ancient artifacts, the Domes had long been coveted by the Fouveinians. The Aegis of the Deep, led by a large contingent of Voidstalkers embarked on a perilous expedition, diving into the depths to explore the submerged ruins and uncover the secrets hidden beneath the waves. Facing strange mutant predators and treacherous Blight filled environments, they braved the perils of the deep to claim the lost treasures of Underhome but were unable to successfully navigate the region due to the concentration of Void energy that persisted surrounding the areas that lead there. The Voidstalkers, under order of their commander, set up several small outposts to continue to monitor and seek a safe passage into the lost Domes.
  • The Abyssal Convergence (118 PR - 122 PR): In response to a series of seismic disturbances and unusual energy readings emanating from the Abyssal Trench, the Voidstalkers undertook a hazardous journey into the abyssal depths of Underhome. Venturing into uncharted territory fraught with peril, they encountered bizarre creatures and encountered hostile entities corrupted by void energy. Amidst the chaos of the abyss, the Voidstalkers uncovered ancient artifacts of immense power and thwarted the machinations of dark forces seeking to unleash cataclysmic chaos upon the realm. Their successful mission averted disaster and ensured the safety of Underhome, cementing their reputation as fearless guardians of the dwarven realm.
  • The Expedition to the Lost Vaults (133 PR - 138 PR): Deep within the labyrinthine tunnels of Underhome lie the Lost Vaults, ancient repositories of knowledge and wealth sealed away by dwarven ancestors. The Aegis of the Deep embarked on a quest to rediscover these forgotten treasures, braving traps and guardians left behind to safeguard the secrets of the past. Spearheaded by the Voidstalkers, and armed with only tattered maps and legends, they ventured into the depths, uncovering priceless artifacts and unlocking the mysteries of the Lost Vaults.
  • The Veilfire Incursion (145 PR - 148 PR): Rumors of a mysterious source of power known as veifire, capable of both great destruction and immense knowledge, led the Voidstalkers on a daring expedition deep into the heart of the Veilfire Nexus. Navigating through shifting mists and facing spectral guardians, they ventured into the ethereal realm where veifire was said to originate. Confronting arcane anomalies and eldritch entities, the Voidstalkers risked everything to harness the power of veifire for the betterment of their people. Though their efforts were met with mixed success, their bravery and determination in the face of otherworldly dangers earned them admiration and respect among their peers.
  • The Expedition to the Echoing Caverns (160 PR - 167 PR): In the depths of the Echoing Caverns, where sound is distorted and echoes of the dead linger for eternity, the Aegis of the Deep embarked on a quest to recover a legendary artifact. The Voidstalkers, utilizing their elite skills in the outer regions, navigated treacherous passages and confronted spectral guardians. Together they ventured deep into the caverns, facing opposition at every turn and enduring constant threat and danger from not only the specters that persist there, but the environment itself. The were unsuccessful in securing the artifact.
  • The Blightcore Descent (178 PR - 182 PR): Faced with the resurgence of blight corruption spreading from the depths of Underhome, the Voidstalkers launched a bold expedition into the heart of the Blightcore. Descending into the corrupted depths infested with twisted monstrosities and malevolent entities, they sought to uncover the source of the blight and eradicate it before it could engulf the realm in darkness once more. Battling against overwhelming odds and facing the very essence of corruption itself, the Voidstalkers fought valiantly to cleanse the Blightcore and restore hope to the beleaguered dwarven realm. Though the journey exacted a heavy toll, their sacrifice and courage in the face of insurmountable darkness ensured the survival of their people and secured their place in dwarven lore for generations to come.
  • The Expedition to the Mithril Mines (192 PR - 196 PR): Venturing into the depths of the lost Mithril Mines, the Aegis of the Deep embarked on an expedition along with the Voidstalkers to extract the precious mithril ore essential for the forging of dwarven weapons and armor. Facing perilous shafts and unstable caverns, they employed expert mining techniques and reinforced supports to safely extract the valuable resource, securing the location from any lingering threats and ensuring safe passage for a small workforce to set up and settle there, ensuring a steady supply for the forges of Underhome.  
Special Forces
1st of Senectus, 69 PR
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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