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Gauge Rhinehorn

Gauge Rhinehorn is a figure shrouded in mystery, known throughout the Empire as one of its most formidable and enigmatic commanders. Leading the Voidstalkers, a small but lethal regiment tasked with navigating the darkest and most perilous depths of the Blight-infested caverns beneath Cairne, Rhinehorn bears the weight of immense responsibility on his broad shoulders.¬†As the commander of the Voidstalkers, Rhinehorn is acutely aware of the limited number of troops under his command, each one a highly trained and elite operative chosen for their unmatched skill and unwavering resolve. Despite their small numbers, Rhinehorn and his troops venture relentlessly into the heart of danger, their missions often taking them to the very edge of oblivion. The constant peril they face weighs heavily on Rhinehorn, his thoughts never far from the brave men and women under his command who risk their lives at his orders, seldom returning home and often not at all.   Rhinehorn's reputation as one of the most dangerous commanders in the Empire is well-earned, forged in the crucible of countless battles fought against the horrors spawned by the Blight. His strategic brilliance and unwavering determination have led the Voidstalkers to countless victories against overwhelming odds, earning him both admiration and fear among his peers, yet, amidst the accolades and the victories, Rhinehorn carries the burden of his duty with solemnity and determination. He knows that the survival of the Empire hinges upon the success of his missions, and he is willing to sacrifice everything to ensure that his people are kept safe from the encroaching darkness. Every decision weighs heavily on him, every loss a bitter reminder of the cost of war.
Date of Birth
33rd of Senectus, 56 PR
Year of Birth
56 AR 271 Years old
Aligned Organization

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