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Delphene Berinstaal

Delphene Berinstaal was born into a clan of proud dwarven warriors deep beneath the earth, where the tunnels of Underhome echoed with the clang of hammers and the shouts of miners. Raised amidst the sturdy stone walls and stalwart defenses of her people, Delphene learned the art of war from a young age, honing her skills with shield and spear in the dark and winding passages of her homeland.   Her early years were marked by relative peace, as the dwarven clans focused on mining their rich veins of ore and defending their underground cities from the occasional threat of marauding creatures or rival factions. But all of that changed with the arrival of the Blight, twisting and corrupting everything it touched. As the it seeped into the depths of Underhome, Delphene witnessed horrors beyond imagining. The dead rose from their graves, their minds consumed by the dark energy of the Blight, and the tunnels echoed with the sounds of battle as the dwarves fought desperately to hold back the tide of undeath.   In the chaos that followed, Delphene emerged as a natural leader, rallying her fellow dwarves to stand firm against the encroaching darkness. With her keen tactical mind and unwavering courage, she led her warriors into battle time and time again, always at the forefront of the fight, her shield raised high and her spear striking true. As the years stretched into decades and then centuries, Delphene became a legendary figure among her people, a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of unimaginable adversity. Despite the passage of time and the countless battles she has fought, her spirit remains unbroken, her determination undiminished.   Today, Delphene Berinstaal stands as the undisputed leader of the Aegis of the Deep, a phalanx of dwarven warriors whose unbreakable resolve and indomitable spirit have become the stuff of legend. Together, they stand as the last line of defense against the darkness that threatens to consume their world, their shields locked together and their spears bristling like a forest of steel, ready to face whatever horrors may lurk in the depths of the earth.
Current Location
Date of Birth
52nd of Vigor, 27 AR
Year of Birth
27 AR 242 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

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