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The Fire Ragers

In the depths of the ravaged world of Cairne, where the echoes of the cataclysmic Blight still haunt the air, the dwarven strongholds of Underhome stand as a bastion against the encroaching darkness, yet even within the stout walls of this underground empire, the taint of the Blight seeps through, twisting the very stone and spawning horrors beyond reckoning.¬†Amidst this grim landscape, flame emerges as a beacon of hope amidst the shadows. Led by the indomitable Brace Gradite, the Fire Ragers have become the vanguard in the ceaseless struggle against the Blight's relentless advance. Armed with fire spitters that belch forth searing streams of flame, wielding torches, and harnessing explosive spirits, these elite shock troops ignite the front lines with their fierce resolve.¬†Their duty takes them where few dare to tread, plunging headlong into the heart of Blight-infested territories, where the very air crackles with malevolent energy. Theirs is a perilous path, fraught with uncertainty at every turn as they confront the twisted abominations spawned from the depths of the Void, and yet, undaunted, they press forward, leaving in their wake a trail of scorched earth and vanquished foes.   Sadly, their valor comes at a high cost, for the Fire Ragers know all too well the fleeting nature of their existence. Their ranks are filled with those who have tasted the bitter sting of mortality, many of their ranks snuffed out in the inferno of battle. Despite the grim odds stacked against them, they stand undeterred, their sacrifices serving as a rallying cry to the other fighters, and their unwavering dedication to their people and their home a testimony of the resilience of the Fouveinian spirit.



Although exact figures are elusive, it's estimated that the Fire Ragers typically consist of a select cadre numbering between 40 to 60 highly trained individuals. Their deployments are marked by daring and danger, as they confront the twisted abominations spawned by the Blight with unwavering courage. The Fire Ragers' efforts come at a steep price, with casualties among their ranks being a grim reality of their operations.


  • Protective Gear: To withstand the hazards of battle in Blight-infested territories, the Fire Ragers don rugged armor crafted from resilient materials such as reinforced metal and enchanted alloys, shielding them from both physical harm and the corrupting influence of the Blight.
  • Specialized Tools: In addition to their offensive armaments, the Fire Ragers carry a variety of tools and implements tailored to their missions, including grappling hooks for traversing treacherous terrain, pry bars for breaching fortified obstacles, utilitarian hooks and axes, and healing salves to tend to wounds sustained in combat.


  • Fire Spitters: These specialized weapons harness the power of combustion to project streams of searing flame, capable of incinerating Blight-infested creatures and clearing paths through enemy-held territories.
  • Torches: Utilized both for illumination and as close-quarters weapons, torches wielded by the Fire Ragers are lilght but sturdy metal torches containing within a central resivoir a supply of slow burning pitch laced with a powdered chemical concoction that allows them to burn brighter and hotter than normal while offering enough insulation on the grip as to not cause injury to the weilder. These ward off the shadows that shroud the underground realms and provide a means to ignite enemies at close range.
  • Explosive Spirits: These volatile concoctions, brewed by skilled alchemists, unleash explosive bursts of fire upon impact, devastating clusters of Blight-tainted foes and creating openings for the Fire Ragers to exploit.


  • Brace Gradite, Commander: As the leader of the Fire Ragers, Brace Gradite holds ultimate authority and responsibility for the unit's actions and decisions. Possessing formidable leadership skills and combat prowess, Brace Gradite sets the overall strategy and direction for the Fire Ragers, guiding them through the darkest depths of their perilous missions.
  • Lieutenants: These high-ranking officers serve as direct subordinates to Brace Gradite, assisting in the formulation and implementation of tactical plans. They oversee the day-to-day operations of the Fire Ragers, delegating tasks to squad leaders and ensuring cohesion and discipline within the ranks.
  • Squad Leaders: Each squad within the Fire Ragers is led by a seasoned veteran chosen for their leadership abilities and combat experience. Squad leaders are responsible for managing the activities of their respective units, coordinating movements, and providing guidance and support to their fellow Ragers during missions.
  • Ragers: The bulk of the unit consists of the Ragers themselves, skilled and courageous warriors selected for their proficiency in combat and their unwavering dedication to the cause. Ragers follow the orders of their superiors, executing missions with precision and valor as they confront the horrors of the Blight head-on.


  • Shock and Awe Assaults: The Fire Ragers often initiate engagements with swift and overwhelming assaults designed to catch their adversaries off guard. Utilizing their fire spitters and explosive spirits, they unleash torrents of flame and concussive force upon their enemies, creating chaos and confusion amidst the Blight's ranks.
  • Scorched Earth Maneuvers: In areas heavily infested by the Blight, the Fire Ragers employ scorched earth tactics to deny their adversaries cover and concealment. By setting ablaze swathes of territory or igniting flammable gases, they create barriers of fire that hinder the advance of Blight-tainted creatures while simultaneously clearing paths for their own forces.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: Against larger or more heavily fortified foes, the Fire Ragers utilize hit-and-run tactics to whittle down their adversaries' defenses. Employing their agility and knowledge of the terrain to their advantage, they strike swiftly and decisively before retreating to safety, forcing the Blight Born to expose themselves in pursuit.
  • Flanking and Ambushes: When facing numerically superior foes, which is more often than not, the Fire Ragers often rely on flanking maneuvers and ambush tactics to gain the upper hand. By exploiting weaknesses in their adversaries' lack of organization and striking from unexpected angles, they sow confusion and disarray among the Blight's ranks, creating openings for their allies to exploit.
  • Close Quarters Combat: In the tight confines of underground tunnels and caverns, the Fire Ragers excel in close quarters combat, utilizing their torches and melee weapons to devastating effect. Engaging their enemies at point-blank range, they deliver punishing blows while capitalizing on their adversaries' inability to maneuver effectively in cramped spaces.
  • Strategic Withdrawals: When faced with overwhelming odds or unforeseen complications, the Fire Ragers are not afraid to tactically withdraw from a confrontation to regroup and reassess their approach. By preserving their forces and avoiding unnecessary casualties, they ensure their ability to continue the fight against the Blight in the long term.


Maintenance Training:
  • Weapon Maintenance: Given the critical role of their weaponry in combat, Fire Ragers receive comprehensive training in the maintenance and repair of their fire spitters, torches, and explosive spirits. They learn how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble their weapons with precision, ensuring they function reliably in the heat of battle.
  • Physical Conditioning: The demanding nature of their missions requires Fire Ragers to maintain peak physical fitness. They engage in regular exercise routines to build strength, agility, and endurance, enabling them to withstand the rigors of combat in the treacherous underground environment.
  • Tactical Drills: Fire Ragers undergo frequent tactical drills to hone their combat skills and improve their coordination as a unit. These drills simulate various combat scenarios, allowing them to practice their maneuvers, communication, and decision-making under pressure.
  • First Aid and Healing Techniques: Given the inherent dangers of their missions, Fire Ragers receive training in first aid and healing techniques to treat injuries sustained in combat. They learn how to administer basic medical care, apply bandages and splints, and stabilize wounded comrades until more extensive treatment can be obtained.
  • Environmental Training: Operating in the dark and hazardous environment of the underground, Fire Ragers undergo specialized training to navigate through labyrinthine tunnels, traverse treacherous terrain, and adapt to the unique challenges posed by subterranean conditions.
    Training for Joining the Fire Ragers:
  • Physical Fitness Assessment: Candidates undergo physical fitness tests to assess their strength, endurance, and agility, ensuring they possess the physical capabilities necessary for the rigors of combat in the underground environment.
  • Combat Proficiency Evaluation: Candidates are evaluated on their proficiency in various combat skills, including marksmanship, melee combat, and tactical awareness. Those who demonstrate exceptional skill and adaptability are considered prime candidates for membership.
  • Psychological Assessment: Given the demanding and perilous nature of their missions, candidates undergo psychological assessments to evaluate their resilience, determination, and ability to withstand the stresses of combat and the horrors of the Blight.
  • Training and Indoctrination: Upon selection, candidates undergo intensive training and indoctrination to instill the values, tactics, and traditions of the Fire Ragers. They learn the unit's history, code of conduct, and operational procedures, preparing them for the challenges they will face as members of the elite unit.


Logistical Support

  • Supply Caravans: Due to their limited numbers and specialized equipment, the Fire Ragers depend on regular supply caravans to replenish their ammunition, provisions, and equipment while operating in the field. These caravans are typically escorted by larger, more heavily armed units to ensure their safe passage through hostile territories.
  • Medical Personnel: Given the high risks associated with their missions, the Fire Ragers require access to skilled medical personnel and resources to treat injuries sustained in combat. Mercy's Hand teams accompany the unit on deployments, providing emergency medical care and evacuation support as needed.
  • Communication and Intelligence: Effective communication and intelligence gathering are vital for the Fire Ragers to coordinate their operations and respond swiftly to emerging threats. They rely on support from dedicated reconnaissance units and communication specialists to gather intelligence on enemy movements and relay critical information to the unit in real-time.
  • Logistics and Quartermaster Support: Managing the logistical needs of the Fire Ragers requires the expertise of dedicated quartermasters and logistics personnel. These individuals oversee the procurement, distribution, and maintenance of supplies and equipment, ensuring the unit remains well-equipped and prepared for sustained operations in the field.


  • The Liberation of Grundhome (12 PR): In a pivotal moment recorded in dwarven annals, the Fire Ragers were at the forefront of the Liberation of Grundhome from the grip of Blight Born abominations. Through strategic brilliance and unwavering resolve, they drove out the dark forces that had overrun the ancient stronghold, reclaiming it for dwarvenkind.
  • The Tunnel Wars (13 PR - 16 PR): Over several years of conflict, the Fire Ragers participated in a series of skirmishes and battles fought within the labyrinthine tunnels of Underhome. Engaging various subterranean threats, including Blight Born and the undead, they demonstrated mastery of defensive tactics and intimate knowledge of the terrain, securing victory in these underground conflicts.
  • The Battle of Stoneshield Pass (20 PR): At Stoneshield Pass, a crucial artery linking Underhome to the surface world, the Fire Ragers defended against hostile forces seeking to control the vital trade route. Their steadfast resolve ensured the continued flow of resources and trade between Underhome and the surface, bolstering the stronghold's prosperity.
  • The Last Stand of Deephammer Hold (25 PR): Deephammer Hold faced overwhelming forces of darkness in a desperate siege, yet the Fire Ragers, leading the defense, refused to surrender. Their heroic sacrifice allowed vital supplies and civilians to be evacuated before they tactically withdrew, sustaining heavy losses but inspiring future generations with their courage.
  • The Great Resurgence (32 PR - 45 PR): Following a period of turmoil, the Fire Ragers led efforts to reclaim lost territories and revitalize dwarven settlements within Underhome. Their tireless dedication and unwavering determination ushered in a new era of prosperity and strength, ensuring the realm's continued survival for generations to come.
  • The Battle of Shadow's Embrace (54 PR - 57 PR): In a climactic showdown against a powerful arcanist threatening to unleash the Blight upon Underhome, the Fire Ragers emerged victorious. Their courage and determination ensured victory, though the arcanist's fate remains shrouded in mystery due to a tunnel collapse during the final conflict.
  • The Expedition to the Dark Abyss (58 PR - 61 PR and 69 PR - 80 PR): Undertaking daring expeditions into the treacherous depths of the Dark Abyss, the Fire Ragers sought to secure vital resources and expand dwarven influence. Despite facing unimaginable dangers and ancient guardians, they braved the darkness to ensure the realm's future prosperity.
  • The Skirmish at Shadowmist Gorge (101 PR): In a remote gorge cloaked in perpetual darkness, the Fire Ragers engaged renegade mercenaries seeking to exploit natural resources. Despite being outnumbered, their tactical prowess and combat skill enabled them to outmaneuver and drive out the mercenaries, securing valuable mineral deposits for the realm's benefit.
  • The Expedition to the Crystal Caverns (112 PR - 114 PR): The Fire Ragers ventured into the mysterious Crystal Caverns to claim rumored treasures and artifacts. Despite facing mutant predators and hazardous environments, they braved the perils to uncover lost riches, contributing to the realm's prosperity and knowledge.
  • The Battle of the Ashen Wastes (171 PR): The Fire Ragers intervened when the Ashen Wastes threatened to engulf Underhome in flames. Through acts of heroism, they evacuated civilians amidst the tide of destruction, saving countless dwarven lives and preventing a catastrophe.
  • The Battle of Granite Gorge (185 PR): At Granite Gorge, the Fire Ragers clashed with a horde of reanimated dead, holding the high ground against overwhelming odds. Their mastery of terrain and unwavering resolve secured victory, ensuring control of the strategic passageway.
  • The Expedition to the Mithril Mines (192 PR - 196 PR): Delving into the depths of the lost Mithril Mines, the Fire Ragers led the expedition to extract precious mithril ore essential for dwarven weaponry and armor. Their expertise in mining and combat ensured the safe extraction of resources, securing vital materials for the forges of Underhome and bolstering the realm's strength.
3rd of Vigor, 12 PR
Overall training Level
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