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Gaul Do Shah Empire

The queen, Sharvisal Gwhynndahris, went into hiding deep within the caverns that now house their tree and is rumored to have fashioned herself into some type of vengeful goddess type figure with her people, playing into their psychosis and demanding a steady supply of lives to fuel their tree, still believing that if enough blood is spilled in sacrifice that they may yet return to a renewed surface paradise and resume their way of life. The elves, even in their madness revere her and are unquestioningly and ceaselessly loyal. She holds no council and is rarely seen outside of her underground chambers, even by the elves themselves, instead opting to use what the elves refer to as, "The Well of Whispers" to convey her edicts and desires to her people. The Well is a series of fist-sized tunnels that weave a massive network beneath the Wastes, with openings appearing everywhere and anywhere. It is developed in such a way that the Queen's voice can reach every corner of her domain at once, or any one location at her choosing. She uses this to great effect, and those who have entered the Wastes and lived to tell the tale, have come back with stories of her voice ringing out though the desolation singing maddening songs and verbally tormenting travellers with everything ranging from abusive dialogue to tearful soliloquies. Any order given to her people will be followed without hesitation by any Gauldowhynna that hear it, even if it leads them to pain or death.


In its present state there is no true hierarchy save for the absolute word of law as spoken by the Queen. For some reason, the elves of Gaul Do Shah remain unwaveringly loyal and carry out her every wish no matter how dangerous or erratic it may be.


Current elven culture consists of scavenging, marauding, and terrorizing any and all who would dare to cross into their borders. While for the most part they remain within the borders of what once was their home, with the exception of Ventryte traders, they do not tolerate outsiders.


Prior to the Blight the lands of Gaul Do Shah were a paradise. The lands were green and fertile all the way to the Ephemeral Sea where a once great palace that seemed to grow out of the forests itself reached out over the waters as if to welcome ships into its harbor. The culture of the elves was a peaceful one that relied upon trade and artistic exchange with their Seanachaisian neighbors.


The inner lands of the Eastern ring to the waters of the Ephemeral Sea are the Gaul Do Shah Wastes and remain under elven control.


The elves have no standing military, though they are savage combatants and impossible to second guess or pin down due to their ability to manipulate their environement, the involvement of Queen Sharvisal's far reaching abilities, and the elves that still retain their arcane abilities. No one has been foolish enough to try and invade the Wastes, though aside from the buried and lost welath of treasures and knowledge that remain there, the land itself holds little value.

Foreign Relations

The Gauldowhynna do not tolerate any outsiders in their lands with the rare exception of Ventryte traders and explorers, and even those relations are tenuous at best, depending on the elves that are aware of them and the mood they are found in.
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