Cairne Shah's Danse of Creation

Shah's Danse of Creation

Religious event


The goddess Shah, inspired by the living world all around her, begins to dance, allowing her power and essence to pour forth in a pure act of creation, love, and desire. Her efforts call into being the spirit tree, and begins the genesis of the Elven species.

Shah's danse, is said to have been the perfect union of grace and purpose joined together in such a way that, once paired with her divine power and pure intention called into being a reflective representation of her divine spirit in the form of a massive tree that sprawled and reached skyward, filling the forest around her with a soothing, ambient glow of succor and perfect unity between the location and her own sense of being. As her danse ended, she look back at what her efforts had created and was so overcome by its majesty and beauty, that she wept in realization that its magnificence would go unappreciated in the solitude of her grove. Wrapping her arms around the tree, her tears ran down her cheek and found purchase in the supple soil at the roots, where the tree absorbed the nutrients and in doing so was imbued with the transformative power of her tears which led to a strange spectral convergence of her spirit, essence, and power.   Soon after, the tree began to bear fruit which slowly began to ripen.

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