Cairne The Spirit Tree Bears Fruit

The Spirit Tree Bears Fruit

Life, Birth


Much to the surprise of even Shah herself, the Spirit Tree, heavy laden with the unique fruit brought about by her tears, reaches full maturity, and from that fruit, the first elves emerge.

The unintended result of Shah's creation and the mingling of her tears with it produced a new species born of her grace, her tears, and her power. Overwhelmed and unsure of what to do as the first of her people emerged, she turned to her sister, Sinufae . While the young goddess was still weakened by her own creative sacrifices, she called upon her people to help. The halflings, overjoyed by the wonder and beauty of what they were witnessing immediately put forth their skill and care to assist in the genesis that was occurring before them.   As the fruits fell and the creatures within broke free, the forest around them seemed to come alive with celebration and life, the other plants and animals responding to the influx of magic and vibrant energy that had begun to flow powerfully from the tree and into the realms of nature surrounding it. Reserved as she was, and still unsure, Shah was pleased, discovering a kindred nature in her people, each one a part of both her, and her mighty and immortal tree, each one forever tied to the existence of the other in balance and perfect harmony.

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