Cairne The Coronation of Lirieneth Gwhynndahris, the First Elven Queen

The Coronation of Lirieneth Gwhynndahris, the First Elven Queen

Political event


As the newborn elves begin to stabilize and find some direction, one rises above the rest and begins to direct their efforts with seeming ease and grace. As the need becomes more present, by mutual consent the elves choose her to become the first of the royal line.

Lirieneth Gwhynndahris saw work that needed to be done and wasted little time setting about supplying the needs for her people. Her ability to manipulate nature and communicate with the land itself was a magic that flowed from her like a river, and while all her people were able to do the same, few found the connection with as much ease and comfort as she. It was through her ability and patience that she taught the elves how to commune with the world around them, and how to manipulate it in such a way that all of their needs could easily be provided. Moving forward, it was her designs and direction that moved her people to begin sculpting the trees and earth around them to form spiraling and majestic homes and art, all of it crafted from the still living wood and stone of their forests. In a tremendous show of solidarity, the people elevated her to the role of Queen.

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