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Sharvisal Gwhynndahris

Queen Sharvisal Gwhynndahris (a.k.a. Lady of the Eternal Grove)

Queen Sharvisal Gwhynndahris, Lady of the Eternal Grove, was at one time the most enviable and wise rulers in all of Cairne. She was known far and wide as kind, tolerant, and just, and her people loved her without measure. While she was ardent in her protection of her borders, she was welcoming to the other races of her world and often personally welcomed them, as she was prone to wander through the groves and hollows of her domain without guard or pretense of office. Many would come upon her unknowingly and spend entire afternoons in conversation, coming away well advised and refreshed by the experience only to find after the fact they had indeed been in the company of the Queen herself the entire time. Her songs and poetry were only rivaled by her Seanachaisian neighbors to the west, whom she was said to have adored.   In present times, however, the reality of her existence is one that reflects the more current state of her people. In her madness she has gone deep into hiding and uses her ability and her voice as a means to torment and confuse all who would dare to wander in her realms, what blasted wastes now remain of what once was.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Despite being over a thousand years old and the Spirit Tree having withered badly, Sharvisal remains young and fair looking. Pale as the new snow with hair as white.

Special abilities

Sharvisal is an archmage of little or no equal. When she went into hiding she had her libraries transferred to wherever it is she now remains. The tomes contained therein are spoken about in hungry whispers by arcanists and treasure seekers alike, and she is rumored to have access to arcane spells and secrets the world has not seen in over a century.

Specialized Equipment

Rod of Gaul Do Shah This is an ancient and powerful relic, and the birthright of Elven royalty. It is a wonderous item that can bend the laws of reality, slowing time to a near halt in a 20' radius.  
rod of gaul do shah.png

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Initially hailed as a continuation of her predecessor's good works and triumphant rule, Sharvisal's arrival was met with great fanfare and celebration. She was eager to pursue these lofty goals from an early age, and showed great promise, garnering respect from her people and the directions they were headed. Even at a young age, the child queen commanded a great deal of respect, and seemed able to hold her own in even the most intimidating of company or circumstances. She showed a great flair for both the dramatic and the subtle, and held a natural and often daunting understanding of how the mind worked, allowing her to second guess and outmaneuver opposition in political situations with ease.     Sharvisal was unmarried when the Blight was called down, though the line of rulership had followed her incarnation for two generations, and by elven standards, that was a substantial amount of time. She had been groomed for the position of queen for most of her life, as is extremely well versed in matters of politics, subterfuge, economics, and public relations. Her grasp of the arcane was one of a prodigy, and there are few then or now that could hold even the faintest of candles next to her ability. She studied under several masters, including Xendal of the Eternal Flame, though he had been expelled from her lands some years prior to the Blight for reasons unspoken. When the Blight struck and the Spirit Tree began to wither, the Queen used every ounce of her ability and ever resource she had to preserve and save it, but in the end, the only option was to move it as far from the negative energies as she could, and by then the damage was irrevocably done and her mind had begun to slip down the path towards madness. Her plans to save her people followed, lost in the depths of her paranoia and delusions and hallucinations.

Gender Identity





Sharvisal is highly educated in the arcane colleges as well as the sciences, politics, and history, though the majority of her education predates the Blight.

Mental Trauma

She is tormented by her inability to save her people, and by the taint suffered by the Spirit Tree. She remains unable to focus upon what she, in her heart knows should be her focus, but there is a part of her that knows this deep down and remains too damaged and buried by the insanity to surface enough for her to make use of it. Her Well of Whispers is the only way she communicates in person anymore, and very few that actually go looking for her are seen again.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sharvisal is remarkably intelligent, and even in her present state seems to retain an eidolic memory, though this may actually be part of the issue for her. There are a great many things she would like to forget. She remains very well spoken, and a talented orator.

Morality & Philosophy

In her present state of mind it is impossible to say where her moral compass lies. It shifts as easily as the sands that now blanket her lands.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
Current Location
Year of Birth
1458 AR 1673 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
The second incarnation of her predecessor
Current Residence
Gaul Do Shah Caverns (Supposed)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
90 lb.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Languages Common, Gauldowhynnian, Halfling, Dwarven, Gnomish
Ruled Locations


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