Cairne The Aurorae Alliance

The Aurorae Alliance

Diplomatic action


Following the fruition of the Elves' generation by the Spirit Tree, the Halflings, now seen as steadfast allies, are welcomed into Shah's Grove as treasured allies and friends, a less than formal pact celebrated between the two budding cultures by feasting, dance, and song.

With the two species finding a strong common thread in their zest for life and nature, and the associations now made between them, the elves welcome their neighbors with open arms and celebration. While no formal pacts or agreements are made, an understanding forms between the two cultures that seems to surpass such mundane things, and thus begins a longstanding union of friendship and cooperation by the two species, mostly arbitrated by Lyrindel, the Grand Master of Spring and with full support of the queen.   The sisters, Shah and Sinufae are overjoyed at this, having been close throughout their existence and seeing little purpose in competition. The two bless the union and working in unison, further grow and enchant the surrounding lands, generating wildlands filled with beauty, wonder, and magic.

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