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The Hall of Eternal Twilight

This is a well guarded Ventryte secret. It is a natural cavern located beneath the Hand Over Fist trading post. A central shaft that houses a makeshift elevator run on a pulley system drops 180' to a wide open chamber that measures 100' in diameter. The entire underground cavern is a near perfect circle and holds no other entrance or exit, but the walls of the structure itself are lined with opal veins and lit by naturally occurring phosphorescent lichens that cause the entire structure to glow and sparkle in a full spectrum of color. This is a revered space for the Ventrytes, and held by most as a type of holy site, a promise of better things to come. They do not share this location with outsiders, but every Ventryte knows about it. In the center of the Hall is a bubbling spring with the Ventrytes having built a small fountain around. They believe that this water can heal the sick and restore purpose to the lost.

Localized Phenomena

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The Hall
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