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Insulated Compass

The multitude of physical changes that occured on a global scale affected a great many things including the magnetic poles of the planet itself. The ambient Void energy that permeates the world itself creates a large scale field of disruption that mutes and alters the pull of magnetic north. The planetary surface magnetic field, if monitored, appears to waver and shift at chaotic and random intervals, causing any attempt to navigate utilizing a magnetic compass, useless.


Every vehicle currently in production by both the Culvarkt and the Bechtlarite has a mounted version of this device built into the navigational controls. Simpler and smaller ones are also commonly found on wagons and even mounted and walking travelers. The disruption to the magnetic field and the near constant thick cloud cover makes traditional navigation nearly impossible for all terrestrial based travel and any aerial travel that does not manage to ascend high enough to get out of the cause of the issue.


A fairly simple device, this can be manufactured in a small workshop, or if needed and provided the necessary tools are available, in the field.

Social Impact

This invention revolutionized logistics, travel, and exploration, allowing proper and precise navigation through treacherous lands.
Culvarkt Council of Houses
Access & Availability
Clear navigation being of paramount importance to trade and exploration, this technology is readily shared, though there are many variations depending on climate and method of travel.
The method of shielding is remarkably simple, all things considered. The ambient Void energy that causes the magnetic diffusion is made up of nearly intangible wisps of negative energy. By utilizing lights placed around the cardinal points that can illuminate the device and push back these energies, the disruption ceases.
A rather innovative Culvarkt navigator discovered that the interference was actually the result of the ambient void energy itself during a high altitude flight aboard an airship. By drifting into the upper layers of the stratosphere, the interference lessened to almost nothing, and he noticed that the ambient Void energy was nearly gone at that altitude. With the help of a Benevolent researcher he was able to create a small insulation field that filtered through the negative energy and allowed the magnetic energy through without being diffused.
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