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Kaelian Repulsor

The Kaelian Repulsor represents a pinnacle of Bechtlarite technology, utilizing advanced electromagnetic principles to generate a protective field around critical locations. This remarkable invention is designed to shield against the destructive forces of the Void and the Blight Born creatures that arise from it, delivering unparalleled safety and security to high-risk areas. It is powered by a complex steam engine, which drives a series of copper coils positioned around an iron core. When energized, this arrangement produces an electromagnetic field with a radius of up to 15 meters. This field is carefully tuned to create a standing wave, which interacts with the negative energy and Blight Born entities to create a repulsive force, ultimately holding them at bay.   The process of generating the standing wave is achieved through a technique known as resonant frequency. The coils of the Kaelian Repulsor are configured to match the natural frequency of the electromagnetic field required to counteract the negative energy and the Blight Born creatures. This resonance is achieved through precise tuning of the coils and the use of sophisticated feedback control mechanisms while incorporating a range of cutting-edge controls that enable the device to monitor and adjust the frequency and amplitude of the electromagnetic field in real-time. This ensures that the protective field is always operating at optimal levels, providing the highest level of defense against any potential threats.


Once powered the device can generate a null field out to approximately fifteen meters that works on a principal of destructive interference where a matching vibrational frequency moved out of phase is used to nullify or cancel the original source. By doing so the device generates a safe zone within its operational radius through which most Void enery and Void born creatures cannot pass while the device is active. While it does not seem to damage said creatures, most will not cross through the boundaries of the field.


The manufacturing process would begin with the creation of the steam engine that powers the device. This would involve the casting and machining of numerous components, including cylinders, pistons, and flywheels. Each component would need to be precisely calibrated to ensure that the steam engine functions optimally and is capable of driving the copper coils at the necessary speed and torque.   Once the steam engine has been assembled, the copper coils would be wound around the iron core by hand. This would require a great deal of skill and dexterity, as the wire must be carefully coiled to ensure that it is evenly distributed and does not overlap or cross.   Once the coils have been wound, they would be connected to the steam engine and the device's feedback control system. This would require the creation of a series of complex mechanical linkages and control mechanisms, which would be designed to regulate the frequency and amplitude of the electromagnetic field.   Throughout the manufacturing process, each component would need to be carefully inspected and tested to ensure that it meets the necessary quality standards. Any defects or deviations from the design specifications would need to be identified and corrected before the device could be considered complete.   The entire manufacturing process would be carried out by a team of skilled artisans, working with precision tools and equipment. Due to the complexity and intricacy of the device, the manufacturing process would likely be slow and meticulous, with each device taking many hours or even days to complete.

Social Impact

The largest impact is the protection of the trade gate passes on either end of the The Greenlands Commonage , insuring that the food and textile products exclusive to the region move through without hinderance. Other units have been put into place elsewhere, but due to the fuel costs and the delicacy of the machine itself, they cannot be used on any form of mobile transportation.
Parent Technologies
Airtam Morenthall
Access & Availability
While readily available, these devices do requires a significant amount of knowledge to build, operate, and maintain successfully, and due to the steam engines used to power them, fuel can quickly become an issue if used long term.
Electromagnetism is unheard of throughout most of the world, and the concept is still largely mis understood or unknown completely outside of the more advanced labs and workshops.
Inspired by a horrific biomechanical experiment perpetrated by Thomas Einstrahum at the Maliciean Scientific Commune in which he utilized the biological aspects of the Volrishtad mutations as a catalyst to generate a similar effect according to her leaked journals, Airtam sought to create the same effect but without the organic elements, and succeeded, offering the devices as a means for the Ongommu Tae people to protect the twin gates through which all of their goods and products are moved out to be traded with the rest of the world.
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