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Airtam Morenthall

Headmaster Airtam Morenthall

Airtam Morenthall remains a Becht icon to this day, revered as the embodiment of everything Becht culture is meant to stand for. In her lifetime she was a Benevolent, and inventor, and educator, and explorer, and a defender of the Becht people and way of life. While a great deal of controversy surrounded her dealings with several sects of people, the end result of her actions and efforts was one that inadvertently benefitted the Empire and repaired a great deal of the damage that had corroded away its foundations due to the inherent corruption that had begun to settle in.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Airtam never went anywhere without her pistol, which was a service pistol she inherited from her father when he passed, or her dagger, which in the end saved her life if her journals are to be believed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Airtam Morenthall was born in the capital city of Armuun to a middle-class family and remained an only child. From a young age, she showed an incredible aptitude for science and technology, excelling in her studies and surpassing her peers in intellectual ability. However, Airtam faced significant obstacles in pursuing her dreams as her family had intended her to follow in their footsteps and eventually take over the workshop they owned and maintained in the industrial district of the city. Undeterred, Airtam fought hard to work her way through the ranks of the intellectual elite in Becht society. She dedicated herself to her studies and engaged in fierce debates with her colleagues, determined to prove herself and earn their respect, and eventually, Airtam's hard work paid off, and she was taken seriously by her peers. She was granted a chance to prove herself with an expedition to the former elven empire of the Gaul Do Shah, now a desolate desert wasteland. Airtam's mission was to find and explore the ruins of the decimated Grove of Shah, an elven holy site said to have been the seat of the goddess's power. She hoped to recover lost knowledge and uncover a way to re-establish communication with the elves that remain there in the process, though she knew this was a dangerous endeavor. At the same time, Airtam had another goal in mind. She hoped to find a way to re-establish some link with the remaining fragments of divinity left in the world when the gods abandoned it. Airtam believed that this link might be a means by which she could attempt to heal the damage done to the world. The expedition met with a disastrous end, however, but the events that occurred there began a lifelong journey that began with the Somnambulistic Prophecy , and ended with her becoming a legend.


Airtam was a highly educated graduate of the The University of the Lighted Way , of which she eventually became the headmaster of.

Accomplishments & Achievements

See The Works Of Airtam Morenthall for a full detail of her adventures and achievements.

Failures & Embarrassments

Airtam never did fully forgive herself for the innocents and friends she lost along the path of her life, from the attendants and peers she lost in her initial expedition on. These deaths weighed heavily upon her throughout her life.

Personality Characteristics


Airtam was driven by her intellectual desire to understand the world around her, and to that end quite fearless in the face of most of the dangers that surrounded the mysteries she chased. She was a heartfelt individual with a great love of people of all walks and types, and never slow to engage with someone or something new.
Current Status
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Date of Birth
7th of Senectus 101 PR
Date of Death
23rd of Senectus 161 PR
101 PR 161 PR 60 years old
Circumstances of Death
Perished in a fire that occured at her home while she slept.
Place of Death
Curly Brown and Grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
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