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Somnambulistic Prophecy

The First Utterance

"Look well upon the the howling yaw of your world now,
for it is the song of destruction and pain stuck in the throat of a whimpering giant.
This cacophonous hell you have wrought with the fingers of bastard children left to dig into the flesh of their mother unchecked.
Go now and fear,
for within the jaws of that singing tomb shall you find the first key to your redemption."

The Second Utterance

"Through the weald of winding weird
Beyond the stillness of the blackened sea
Pour forth from that cup of desolate and wanton desire
and fertilize the terroir with the spirit of the damned
Draw forth, and drink deep with the Child O' this world
Birthed from devastation
Nurtured in solitude
And matured in sorrow
For they will not know the way
And the path is lined with sharp stones and brambles
Set to tear away the flesh
And break the bones of tomorrow.
Bring the Child home to meet their sibling and their sire
For they are one and the same
And within their line shall be the second key."

The Third Utterance

"Where the wound splits
The ragged skin
Where the bleeding feeds the sin
Before the last lonely and shattered heart
Of the people who are not there
There shall be forged the chains of freedom
Hope is but a tattered dream And the dream is but a tattered hope
But in chaos lies a path
The way out Leads within
And the scarred hands of yesterday
Shall present the key that has no lock
To the one that shall illuminate the future
And shine the light of knowing Upon the keyhole."

The Fourth Utterance

"Beneath the gaze of the mother’s eye
  Lidless and burning from beyond the black
Come dancing you children of a wistful time
Tempered truths fly from hidden fingers
And voices from another time
Speak volumes through the mouths of you
Find the crease beyond the wall
Name the Doorman resting there
And in so doing, gain the key."


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