Cairne The Fall of the House of Daimus

The Fall of the House of Daimus

Life, Death

23/4 28:00

Upon seeing what he had done, the last of the House of Daimus, Daimus III, threw down his crown and mantle and stepped into the Blight, allowing the darkness there to take him. He could not live with what he had done. The Sovereign had no heir and the line was broken with his death.

As the cataclysm of his misguided actions reigned down around him, buried by the sounds of calamitous destruction and death on a scale unimaginable, Daimus III was overcome by the magnitude of what had happened. His armies scattered, his allies gone, and the conspirators absent or dead, the manipulations and mistakes settled into his awareness. Unable to process or comprehend fully the scope of the devastation wrought by the misguided attempt, Daimus is said to have simply wandered towards the coalescing black wave of the energy that had been pulled down as a weapon and thrown against his opposition, slowly removing the symbols of his office and dropping them to the ground as he went. Accounts of this moment are varied a bit, as the chaos that ensued consumed everything, and the initial shockwave of the impact caused a wave of destruction never before seen. Some say the Sovereign was severely injured and staggering unattended, while others claim he escaped harm and it was grief and guilt alone that moved him. Either way, Daimus III, last of the line of Sovereigns, walked through the fires and smoke and vanished into the swirling maw of what would eventually come to be called the Blight, ending his reign and his family's hold on the crown.

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