Cairne The Bechtlarite Endeavor to Send an Expedition to the Mother's Head

The Bechtlarite Endeavor to Send an Expedition to the Mother's Head

Technological achievement


Following the realization that the Void is not only growing, but slowly eroding the world around it, alternative means of survival began to be explored. While many avenues were considered, the most viable seemed to be finding a way to settle elsewhere, despite the dangers that exist beyond the borders of Cairne itself, and the unknown. Despite it being a blind shot in the dark, the lead researcher on the project, Doctor Ephram Nadus is confident that once he can manage to create a technologically based means of moving from one place to the other, anything within the realm is an open possibility. His first targeted attempt as a proof of concept is to open the way for a small expedition to land on and explore the Mother's Head, the death's head visage of the Antecedent Mother of All that orbits Cairne like a macabre moon.

Hailed as a genius or a mad man, depending on who you are asking, Ephram Nadus is a man driven by purpose. Within the coffee and tea houses of The Sovereign Empire of the Bechtlarites the talk is often over the nature of his work and potential for failure and success that he faces. Regardless of their opinions of him, most agree that the need remains and all avenues should be explored, and his efforts have captured the imaginations of the nation.   The details of his work are kept under tight security, and fully funded by the Order of Objective Representation , moreso than most other funded projects presently. While some minor details have made their way out into the public eye, very little is known beyond his efforts to use a massive amount of energy to generate a portal of some kind. There are those that criticize the effort, claiming the act to be government backed, arcane research, but these accusations are written off by most as conspiracy propaganda, most likely seeded by The Burnt Crows in an attempt to undermine the endeavor and paint the Empire in a negative light. No matter the truth, according to interviews with the doctor himself, he is on the verge of a breakthrough and maintains a positive outlook on his chances for success.

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