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The Mother's Head

Floating high above the surface of the planet is the only remaining proof as to the gods existence in the realm of Cairne, the skeletal remains of the Antecedent Mother of all, the goddess, Vrokhanna . It is said she was devoured by her offspring, torn apart in that initial surge of existence as they sprang into being and following the violent and chaotic convergence upon the progenitor, all that remained was the head of the goddess, looking down with lifeless eyes upon the world that spawned in the wake of her destruction.


The skeletal surface of the Mother's Head is a landscape of oppressive desolation. The pock marked bone and porous cracks in its surface only serve to expound upon the vast stretches of nothing that make up the majority of the orbiting remains. No known living creatures reside here, and though many scholars have made substantial strides forward in the technology and methods needed to observe and even eventually travel to the location, very little is actually known about it. The majority of the expanse is made up on an almost smooth, bone surface lacking features beyond what appear to be small craters and the occasional bits of debris from the impact of meteors. The facial domain however, is a much different story. Scientists observing that area have documented a number of odd phenomena such as strange lights and movement from within, though  the current telescoping tools available do not offer enough clarity in the images they present as to be able to allow for any real solid evidence of what this could be aside from speculations.


The Mother's Head is assumed to be devoid of all life entirely, though this remains strictly speculation. The internal sectors of the skull could potentially house anything, as the nature of divine remains such as this is an area in which no one on the planet has any real expertise or knowledge of.

Localized Phenomena

The lights within the facial orifices of the skull are documented occurrences that happen often, and a wide array of theories abound as to what might cause them. Anything from refraction and reflection of celestial light sources to spiritual emanations and divine remnants of power have been discussed. The truth of the matter is that no one knows for sure what they could be, but anything remains possible within the realm of this particular location.
Planetoid / Moon


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