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Favored by the gods but long dead

The Antecedent Mother of All Vrokhanna

In the beginning of Cairne, there was only one deity, the Antecedent Mother of All, Vrokhanna. She was a primordial creature of tremendous power, formless and born from chaos. In the void of nothing she drifted for thousands of eons until, as if by accident, she attained self awareness, forcing her to take a physical form. Disgusted by what she had become, she ripped and tore at her new body in a vain attempt to return to the peaceful drifting beyond time and space she had been torn away from. Each piece of her flesh flew from her hands and where they landed, began to grow and change, devouring the energies around it. The six largest portions of her body became her children, who innocently fed on what was left of her life force as they matured. The remains of her body went on to form the world itself, and her posthumous grinning visage can be seen drifting across the sky each night, Cairne's moon, "Mother's Head". Despite the role she played in the shaping of the world, she was never viewed as a true deity, being more of a chaotic entity who birthed the world by accident. No one knows beyond the grinning death's head in the sky at night, what she actually looked like or what she was, but it is still an endless source of intellectual debate for scholars and laymen alike.

Divine Domains

Life and Death

Divine Symbols & Sigils

  • Symbol Skull
  • Colors Black and White

Tenets of Faith

  • Holy Places None
  • Existing Houses of Worship None. While there are rumors of cults that have sprung up in the last 50 years or so that are attempting to reawaken the dead goddess, there are no organized places of worship dedicated to her.


Vrokhanna is remembered on the first day of the year, a symbolic gesture recognizing the new beginning of yet another year. This recognition is more of a tradition than spiritual practice, and the tradition is to light a single candle in a window that night and allow it to burn down, symbolizing her self sacrifice that allowed life to come into existence.
Divine Classification
True Neutral
Current Status
Date of Death
Immediately following the creation of the remaining gods
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ruled Locations

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