Cairne The First Steps of the First People

The First Steps of the First People

Life, Birth


From a tiny scrap of the Antecedent Mother of All, Vrokhanna, life springs forth of its own volition. The first people of the world of Cairne step forward upon a small remote island and begin to grow and evolve rapidly.

From a forgotten and ragged remnant of Vrokhanna which fell unseen upon the great Undullain Ocean , life began to stir unbidden by any divine force or decree. From this seemingly autonomous act stepped forth the first people of Cairne, the Sahahimu Peoples . Unobstructed by any divine purpose, and overlooked by the young deities as they began to shape the world beyond the small island, the Sahahimu People began to evolve and develop on their own rapidly, crafting the first aspects of civilization and setting forth creating a unique and beautiful culture. While they revered The Mother's Head as a sacred celestial body, they held no formal religion aside from a basic belief in the sanctity of all life and the importance of the world as a living organism in and of itself.

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