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The People of Two Seasons

The Confederation of the tribes of Sahahimu Peoples. While individual and independent of one another, the tribes still function on the idea that as a united confederacy they stand to benefit greatly, still remaining one people despite the differences between them. From this union the sharing of new discoveries, methods, and diplomatic concerns can be dealt with as a greater whole, and larger issues that require judiciary oversight that could potentially affect the entire nation can be addressed in a manner that gives voice to all represented.    Within the ancient pyramid that sits in the interior of their island they meet at seasonal moots where matters can be discussed, tribal customs and traditions can be celebrated and shared, and news and stories swapped between one another.


The confederation is run by a council of tribal chieftains, elders chosen for their wisdom and their achievements during their lives within the tribes. Each tribe is represented in this way along with a chosen attendant for each chieftain. The intended role of the attendant is to act as an unbiased advisor, speaking for the people in the event that the elder loses sight of their purpose. This manner of oversight allowed the attendant to maintain some semblance of oversight should matters slide into an emotional situation where personal feelings or egos come into play.


The confederation is a gathering of cultural isolationists, and as such foreign policies tend to reflect the need to keep outsiders at arms length whenever possible. Generally this is seldom argued on the floor, however with their recent joining of the cultures of the mainland, things are shifting dynamically for the Sahahimu. They are becoming painfully aware of the trove of wealth they are sitting on with their home being filled with lush resources coveted by so many of the mainland societies. This is a pressing concern despite promises that state otherwise from the empires across the ocean.    The news of the Blight and what has become of the world is an even bigger matter, their own cultural and spiritual connection to the land suddenly feeling wounded and endangered by the actions of others, they now seek answers and, more importantly, solutions. This is yet another reason why they have emerged from isolation, sending out individuals in search of these solutions. Explorers and seekers, they bring back many strange stories and items from the new world, along with tales of the abject horrors that plague them.

Public Agenda

The Sahahimu are very open about their motivations and goals, and do not hide that they are concerned for their world and cannot understand why for so many, life has continued on for as long as it has with no progress being made to find a solution.


The Island of Sanctuary is still filled with a vast forest and many rolling plains that remain untouched by the Blight. The size of their empire rivals the Tae Republic Greenlands in wealth, though the way the lands are used remain vastly different. The technologies developed by the Sahahimu are unique and hold a great deal of interest to the other nations of the world as well.


Having begun as a single tribe, over time the people of the Sahahimu began to fracture. In some cases these schisms were violent, and in others not, but never did anything close to all out war break out between them. After a time of struggles with this, and the various tribes beginning to form, it was agreed that a council to represent the best path forward for the entire species would be the best possible solution to them fracturing as they did. The ability to have issues spoken aloud in this manner, and to be able to find solutions as a cohesive community soothes many of the injuries suffered during those years, and before long, the regular meetings began to bloom into so much more. The meets became a time of celebration, prayer, and sharing with so many of the people being in one place again. To commemorate the occasions,a nd to give the council a place to meet, a great pyramid was erected on the edge of a great lake, and from there the civilization grew rapidly, the sharing of technological advances and cultural revelations being passed between them and generating innovation and creative discourse between them.



Each tribe has its own standing defensive capabilities in terms of fighters and naval assets.

Mythology & Lore

The Sahahimu Peoples have a detailed oral tradition that speaks of a time when only the moon, The Mother's Head as it is called in by the mainland cultures, was all that existed, hanging there in the still and silent eternal darkness that existed in all things and all places prior to the awakening of the spirit. As the spirit stirred, awareness of the existence of the self washed over the spirit, and the moon was overcome with the pain and knowledge of all that was, is, and would ever possibly be, and in that moment the moon split into six burning stars. The stars, no knowing what they were, sought to return to the moon, as all things eventually must, and in doing so devoured the moon in a voracious but innocent act of destruction, but in doing so gained all the knowledge that the moon contained, spread out among them. The six stars fell to earth, lost to the coming and going of the days that followed, and in the sky hung the eternal reminder of the perfect being from which all other spirits were set forth.    As the stars settled upon the world, the least remaining sliver of the moon fell down unseen and landed upon the crystal waters of the ocean, and it was from there that the Island of Sanctuary grew, and from the spirit that remained, the Sahahimu were awakened and pulled themselves from the flesh of the moon one by one, drawn forth by the songs of the beasts that made their home upon the island, binding them to their spirits and becoming one, granting the softly bidden spirits of the Sahahimu an point upon which they might find flesh and become a part of the living world.


The faith of the Sahahimu is a tangible one, believing in the things that exist before them, and finding the spirit in all things. Worship is not something that is done in the traditional sense, but rather a means of communing with the living world and offering it respect as parts of it are utilized and manipulated. It is a matter of understanding the balance in life and death, giving and taking, and in the way they maintain the lads of their home by cultivating them and building into them rather than over and on top of them.
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2700 AR
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