Cairne Construction of Wemi Tali Begins

Construction of Wemi Tali Begins

Construction beginning/end


As the confederation solidifies and the the overall way of life becomes on of a far more unified while divided way of life, the neutral point where the confederation has agreed to meet grows with them. Plans are made and construction begins of a megalithic testament to their people, the origin, and their way of life.

Already masterful craftspeople and engineers by their own right, the Sahahimu elders converge upon the common task of erecting a monument of vast proportions in honor of all they are, have been, and will be. With all the tribes working in tandem, playing to their individual strengths and even utilizing the animal spirits that they are bonded with, they make astounding progress on the megalith. The stone is quarried from the north end of the island, limestone and sandstone and hauled through the jungle on logs to the desired location where the stone cutters and masons begin their work. This project would be a primary occupation of their time for many years, incorporating the skill and vision of three generations.

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