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Wemi Tali

Rising up from the central lakes of the island, the megalithic pyramid of the Sahahimu Peoples towers above the trees, the graceful and near perfect stone work accented by a woman's face that seems to be sleeping...sometimes. The air about the location is one of charged purpose and ancient history, having stood in this location unseen for centuries. The significance of the structure has evolved over time, having initially stood as a simple monument to mark the location where the tribal elders might meet and over time growing into the most important and culturally significant location on the island.

Purpose / Function

The primary function of this building is to house the gathering leaders of the tribes of the confederation. Within is a wide open gathering hall with a central fire and a large stone circle with each of the tribal totems represented in their stations at the perimeter of it. The entire structure is, in a way, an homage to the moon, to whom they hold great respect as the point of life and creation. The grounds beyond the walls have evolved over time into a ranging festival ground with space for the tribes themselves to congregate when a moot is called. Many affectations of the various tribes remain here. Memorials, testaments of devotion, art, and a number of small dwellings that remain as a place for the tribes that built them to use upon their return.


The structure began as a wooden plinth carved from a tree and decorated by the elder of each tribe. As time brought more and more reasons to hold these moots, and as the tribes themselves grew, the structure began to grow over time until eventually, the unanimous decision was made to craft and build the monument that stands today. The simplicity of the pyramid was an easy choice, as the construction was easy enough to manage and maintain with their already exemplary mathematical knowledge and skill at crafting and engineering. The stone was quarried from the northern end of the island as agreed upon by the council and despite the size and gravity of the construction, it took only a matter of three generations to finish the construction, approximately three hundred fifty years.


The structure itself is a massive stone step pyramid with stairs leading up all four sides. The structure was built using quarried limestone and sandstone from the northern sector of the island and is so finely constructed that the bricks used seems to fit together almost seamlessly. On the side facing the water, there is an open channel into which fresh water feeds the interior of the pyramid, and on the opposite face, a stone sculpture depicting the visage of the moon with eyes closed. A unique feature of the face however is that there is a large deposit of polished moonstone set in the eyes. The structure is aligned in such a way that the eyes seem to follow the moon across the sky at night, the luminous glow reflecting into the translucent, perfectly polished surface.
Founding Date
1420 AR
Alternative Names
The All Where
Megastructure, Land based
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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