Cairne The Pact of Sanctuary

The Pact of Sanctuary

Civil action


Following a short lull in the fighting and the mutual agreement of a truce, both sides of the War of the Bonedancers come to terms and meet to discuss the formal need of a pact between them promising no further acts of violence between them as a matter of preservation of life and land alike. After some discussion, terms are reached and the Pact agreed upon.

While not all of the tribes of the Shahimu were eager to agree to the terms of the Pact agreement, the majority had spoken and the agreement made. The terms were simple and required little oversight of complexity stating simply that as a matter of perpetuity, neither side would seek retribution or further violence, and that the cessation of hostilities would be upheld at all costs.   After the agreement was made, the Syllandyha, now called the Bonedancers by the Sahahimu People after seeing the horror they inflicted on those unlucky enough to have been caught by them, were escorted from sanctuary and unceremoniously sent on their way.   From here, the Sahahimu Peoples began to slowly rebuild their homes and readjust their way of life, eager to return to the peace they had enjoyed prior to the war while the Bonedancer set about the expansion of their ever growing city.

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