Cairne Construction of Wemi Tali is Completed

Construction of Wemi Tali is Completed

Construction beginning/end


The completion of the pyramid further cements the unity of the tribal confederation, giving them a common focal point of both pride and heritage. The moots begin to be called with increasing regularity, and the gatherings the ensue at the base of the pyramid allow for a transfer of ideals, technology, social issues, and further bridges the divide between the tribes, allowing them to find a common ground from which they can work from.

Wemi Tali or, the All Where as it was known among them, drives unity into their confederation and instills a sense of cultural pride in their unified achievement. Seeing what is possible as they work together further encourages the tribes to communicate more, to lean on one another's strengths in times of need, promotes trade, and creates a sense of conjoined purpose as they begin their journey forward from this point.

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