Cairne The Sahahimu Disjunction

The Sahahimu Disjunction

Population Migration / Travel


As their differences come to bear and various small conflicts between the Sahahimu People begin to wear upon them, the varied spirits of the people separate and form individual tribes in order to preserve and solidify the ways and traditions each believes to be the proper way forward for their people.

On the tail of several violent interactions within their own people, far too many finally came to terms with the fact that no singular way forward could be agreed upon in a universal or unanimous manner that would soothe the wounds caused by the in fighting and strife these disagreements caused. One by one the various spirits banded together and made their separate ways across the island, forming tribes of their own so that they might each find some modicum of peace in the ways of life each chose for themselves. With this, peace was restored and each tribe allowed to grow and evolve as they saw fit in accordance with their preferred vision of the future provided they remain within the borders of their territory.

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