Cairne The Syllandyha Lose Their Identity and Their Way

The Syllandyha Lose Their Identity and Their Way

Disaster / Destruction


As the demands for more and more modifications continue and the city he ordered built began to take on a life all its own, Arterryx Vedikki realized far too late that the modifications he intended to use as a means of salvation for his people had instead spelled their doom in the most horrible way possible.

So distracted in his efforts, now proven futile due to the high demands of modifications by what once were his people, Arterryx Vedikki realizes that his attempts have backfired, and that the changes he has made to the physiology of his people have affected the psyche and mental state of them as well, leaving them hollow shells of the noble elves they were before.    This realization was made all too apparent when, after many long years a small craft was spotted beaching on the southern tip of the island, a small group of people that appeared human. The excitement that rippled through the Syllandyha chilled Arterryx to his core, and there was nothing he could do as they streamed out to meet the newcomers. An initial attempt at communication, a simple question concerning what had happened to the world was all they managed to relay before the modified elves fell upon them like rabid animals, slaying them quickly and demanding that Arterryx use their remains to create more like them and more modifications for them. Despite his pleading, their demands continued until, out of desperation and fear, the engineer barricaded himself in his workshop, putting into place a mechanism that sealed the only way in in such a fashion that entry has never been gained to that particular area into modern day. The changed Syllandyha tried for many years to figure out a way in so that they might search the engineers notes and determine their own way of manufacturing his work. They managed on their own to reverse engineer a great deal of what was already created, but they wanted more, wanted to be more, and had, in losing touch with their organic nature and empathy, lost sight of their initial mission, and despite that had little care to resume the effort. They now viewed their new forms as an aspect of perfection, and sought only to expound on that ideal.

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